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Activities for Toddlers

Valentine's Day Activities

  • Painting with Spools
  • Valentine's Day - I Love You to Pieces (free template)
  • Valentine's Day Activities for Toddlers
  • Valentine Hearts Felt Board Activity
  • Valentine's Day Collage Craft for Toddlers
  • Valentine's Day Indoor Sand Box for Toddlers

Indoor Toddler Activities

Easy indoor activity ideas for toddlers

  • FREE printable New Year's Eve Bingo game for Toddlers
  • Frog Wetland Small World
  • Mega Blocks Phonic Puzzle
  • Apple Tree Toddler Craft with Paint Stamps
  • Block Puzzle - Easy Toddler Activity
  • Matchstick Colour Match
  • Ice Painting with Watercolours
  • Paper Plate Fishbowl

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Sensory Bins

Simple sensory bin ideas to try with your toddler!

  • Ribbon Sensory Bin Toddler Play
  • Seashells and Sandals in the Sensory Bin
  • Color Blending Frozen Sensory Bin
  • At the Beach Sensory Bin Idea
  • Orange Sensory Water Play
  • Edible Ice Cream Dough Sensory Play
  • Water Play Activities for Babies and Toddlers
  • Magic Bean Soup - Sensory Bin

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Summer Activities

Summer activity ideas for toddlers

  • Seasons Finger Painting for Toddlers
  • Fine Motor Sun Craft for Toddlers
  • Summer Painting with Sponge Stamps
  • Playdough Sun Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers
  • Summer Flowers Paper Craft for Toddlers
  • Outdoor Nature Craft for Toddlers
  • Ice-cream Cotton Cones
  • Planting Seeds with Toddlers

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Winter Toddler Activities

Winter toddler activity ideas

  • Real Snow Activities for Toddlers
  • Arctic Sensory Bin with Water
  • Felt Snowman Activity for Toddlers
  • Snowy Winter Trees Painting Activity for Toddlers
  • Snowman Crafts and  Activities for Toddlers
  • Winter Edible Sensory Bin for Toddlers
  • Winter Sensory Bin for Toddlers
  • Winter Themed Lego Duplo Puzzle

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1 Year Old Activities

  • Toddler App Review - Clapenjoy
  • FREE printable New Year's Eve Bingo game for Toddlers
  • FREE printable New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers
  • 2021 Toddler Cyber Monday DEALS
  • Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers - FREE printable
  • The Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers
  • Thanksgiving Bingo Game - Free Printable for Toddlers
  • Seasons Finger Painting for Toddlers

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2 Year Old Activities

  • Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers
  • 20 Best Apps for Toddlers 2022
  • FREE trials for educational toddler programs
  • New Year's Eve Sensory Bins for Toddlers
  • New Year's Eve Activities for Toddlers
  • Activities to keep your toddler busy on a plane
  • Indoor Activity Challenge - 25 Days of FREE Indoor toddler activity ideas!
  • Best videos to get your toddler moving

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3 Year Old Activities

  • ABC Reading Eggs Review for Toddlers (and a free trial)
  • Marble Painted Planets
  • Paper Train Craft for Toddlers
  • Christmas Tree Paper Craft for Toddlers
  • Flower Basket Craft for Toddlers
  • Toddler Math Activity with Foam Shapes
  • Toddler Painting Activity with Upcycled Socks
  • Easy Crafts for Toddlers

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