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Easy Flower Crafts & Activities for Toddlers

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These toddler flower crafts are a great toddler Spring activity idea. Some of these use real flowers, some use artificial flowers and many are flower themed crafts and activities.

Designed for toddlers & preschoolers, I'm sure you'll love making these fun flower crafts!

flower crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers pinterest

Easy Flower Crafts & Activities for Toddlers

Flower Water Play Sensory Bin

Add flowers to your water play for a fun and easy flower-themed toddler activity. Add some scoops and jugs too.

Fingerprint Flower Painting

This fun fingerprint flower painting activity is perfect for Spring. Use colorful paints to make these pretty flowers.

Springtime Fingerprint Flowers

Make Playdough Flowers (free printable playdough mats)

Get out the playdough and make these fun Spring flowers. You can get your free printable flower playdough mats HERE.

free printable spring playdough mats for toddlers preschoolers

Painting with Flowers

Painting with flowers is a fun toddler activity. You can use real or artificial flowers for this craft. You can combine this with a nature walk to pick some flowers before you start.

Fork Flower Painting

Get a plastic fork and make these easy fork flowers - they look so effective and they are so easy to make!

fork flower painting for toddlers and preschoolers

Paper Plate Scrunched Paper Flower Craft

This paper plate craft flower is a great toddler activity to focus on fine motor skills. You can change how easy/hard this is depending on the age of the child. See the full instructions for making the paper plate flower HERE.

Paper Plate Flower Craft

Cupcake Liner Flower Craft

Make some flowers with this easy flower craft using cupcake liners. I must say, I'm always buying pretty cupcake liners when I see them and I almost always use them for craft instead of cooking!

Flower Rainbow Collage Craft

Elena from our Facebook group shared this great flower craft idea. She went on a nature walk and collected some flowers. Next she drew a simple rainbow and they made this beautiful rainbow collage.

Make a Flower Smash Picture

I LOVE this flower activity idea shared by Brittany in our Facebook group. She used a piece of canvas and some beautiful colored flowers.

Grab a toddler safe toy hammer or block and have them 'smash' the flowers to create a beautiful design.

Color Sorting Flowers

Heather made this easy color sorting activity using a construction paper flower and some colored crayons - simple fun!

color sorting flower activity
Shared by Heather

Paper Collage Craft Using Paint Chips

I always love a craft using free items! Caitlin shared this flower collage craft idea using the paint chip cards. Such a fun idea.

paint chip flower collage craft for toddlers
Shared by Caitlin

Flower Lion Craft

Rebecca shared her Dande(lion) flower craft - how cute does it look!

flower lion craft for toddlers and preschoolers
Shared by Rebecca

Color Drop Flower Activity

Kirsten shared this great flower activity idea with us in our Facebook group. She made flowers using cardboard tubes and filled them with cotton balls.

She then used colored water and droppers (I LOVE these droppers for toddlers) to color them. What a beautiful flower craft idea!

Painting with Crushed Flowers

Lisa shared this flower activity idea with us. You collect colorful leaves and petals and then crush them to release the color. You can then rub them onto the paper to 'paint' with them. So much fun!

Painting with crushed flowers
Shared by Lisa

Fine Motor Flower Craft

Samantha shared this fun and easy fine motor activity idea using flowers. Punch holes into a cardboard box and thread flowers (real or fake) through them. So easy to set up and a really fun flower activity ideas for toddlers.

fine motor flower craft for toddlers and preschoolers
Shared by Samantha

Egg Carton Flower Craft

This fun toddler flower activity was shared by Nadia from Nadia's Dayhome. She used old egg cartons cut into 4 to make the large flowers and single ones for the smaller flowers.

Decorate the flowers and add a green craft stick to finish off your flower.

egg carton flowers
Shared by Nadia

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