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Paper Squares Snowman

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Our paper square snowman is a fun and simple winter toddler craft idea to celebrate the first snowfall.

I love the simplicity of this toddler paper craft activity. It is quick and easy to set up and can be the perfect craft to fill in a spare 20 minutes with minimal clean-up required.

Paper Squares Snowman

Paper Squares Snowman

Celebrating winter with winter themed toddler crafts is so much fun.

Those cold, rainy days can be celebrated and remembered with tributes like the one we are making today.

Our paper squares snowman is a great beginner craft. While simple in its execution, it still presents loads of learning to be had by its creator.

Your toddler can refine vital life skills while building their snowman. These include fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sequencing steps, and midline crossing.

Paper Squares Snowman

What you need to make a paper squares snowman:

We used the measuring cups to add the extra little task of sorting sizes as an early numeracy activity.

You could skip this step and still have an amazing snowman.

Paper Squares Snowman

How to make a paper squares snowman:

The first step to making your paper squares snowman is to cut the paper squares out of the white paper.

For older children, they could cut the squares themselves.

While younger children are developing their scissor skills, you can cut the paper into inch-wide strips and then have your child cut the strips in squares.

This is exactly what we did. Mr 3 loved positioning the strips of white paper between the blades of his scissors before closing them.

As each square fell to the table below, it was met with a smile.

Remember to foster healthy scissor skills by encouraging your child to keep their thumbs up and elbows in.

The next step is to mark out the snowman’s template.

We spent a few minutes discussing which measuring cup was the largest, middle, and smallest before placing them onto the blue paper.

Using the pencil, trace the circle of the largest cup at the bottom of the blue paper.

Then, repeat with the middle-sized cup on top of the larger circle and the smallest cup on top of the middle-sized circle.

Paper Squares Snowman

Cover the first circle with glue.

Place the paper squares on top of the glue until there is no more blue within the inner circle.

Repeat with the next two circles.

Paper Squares Snowman

Cut a rectangle and square from the black paper to make the snowman’s hat.

Glue them in place.

Cut out black circles to create the snowman’s eyes, mouth, and buttons down his middle.

Cut out a triangle from the orange paper for his nose.

We then added more paper squares to the bottom of the page and on either side to create a snow-filled background.

Our paper square snowman is an easy paper craft for your toddler. Whether you keep your snowman as a statement piece or turn it into a gift card for a special someone, it is something to be cherished for years to come.

Paper Squares Snowman

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