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Cotton Ball Construction Trucks Sensory Bin

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If you have a toddler obsessed with all things construction vehicles, they will love this cotton ball construction trucks sensory bin.

This sensory play idea literally takes seconds to set up and can lead to hours of play.

Cotton Ball Construction Trucks Sensory Bin

Cotton Ball Construction Trucks Sensory Bin

Cotton balls are a must in our activity cupboard. They are versatile and add a unique sensory element to many activities.

Today, we were using them for another activity; however, as our play evolved, I saw an opportunity to repurpose them for some construction play.

No word of a lie; Mr 3 was playing with these cotton balls with his loaders, dump truck, and excavator all afternoon.

This humble tray of cotton balls inspired his own little narrative of his play, loads of positional language when I was invited to join his play, and busy hands manipulating the moving elements of his vehicles.

Cotton Ball Construction Trucks Sensory Bin

What you need to make a cotton ball construction trucks sensory bin:

How to set up a cotton ball construction trucks sensory bin:

This has to be one of the simplest sensory activities to set up.

Put the cotton balls into the shallow container with the trucks, and your invitation to play is complete.

Mr 3 jumped at the chance to get his construction vehicles amongst the cotton balls. He began using the excavator to load the dump truck before lifting the dumping bed and having the balls of fluff roll off.

Cotton Ball Construction Trucks Sensory Bin

He then used the front-end loader to push the cotton balls from one side of the tray to the other.

The trucks played hide and seek, hiding under the cotton balls. I took this opportunity to bring positional language to play, such as under, on top, left, and right, while it was my turn to use my allocated truck to dig out the one that was hidden.

We took turns hiding the vehicles and retrieving them.

Cotton Ball Construction Trucks Sensory Bin

Mr 3 took charge and gave instructions on what he expected my truck to do, sequencing the events he had in mind. He listened attentively when I clarified to make sure I understood.

This simple cotton ball construction truck sensory bin was one of the simplest invitations to play I have set up in a long time.

It was bursting with oral language, social skills, active listening, problem-solving, fine motor movement, and imagination.

Not bad for a bin of cotton balls, is it?

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