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Cardboard Tube Stamping Christmas Tree

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This cardboard tube stamping Christmas tree is a great toddler Christmas activity idea.

Turn a humble toilet tube or cardboard tube into the star of the show with this toilet tube stamping Christmas tree painting idea!

If your household is anything like mine, there is always an empty toilet tube lurking somewhere, or you never need to wait long for one to become available.

Repurpose this amazing resource to create a festive Christmas-themed masterpiece!

Toilet Tube Stamping Christmas Tree

Toilet Tube Stamping Christmas Tree

Stamping is loads of fun.

Dipping the stamp into the paint, pressing it onto the page, and then lifting it to reveal the paint pattern underneath is so satisfying. It is also a great lesson about cause and effect!

Toilet tube stamping is easy to set up and an effective way to create a great texture for your Christmas tree creation.

Toilet Tube Stamping Christmas Tree

What you need to make a Toilet Tube Stamping Christmas Tree activity:

How to set up Toilet Tube Stamping Christmas Tree:

The first step to creating your toilet tube stamping Christmas tree is to make the tree’s pot.

Cut out a rectangle or square from the red piece of paper using the scissors.

Glue it in place at the bottom centre of the white piece of paper.

To help our little people create their Christmas tree design, use the marker to create a triangle boundary line for their stamping.

The idea here is that they try to stamp inside the triangle to achieve a traditional Christmas tree shape.

Toilet Tube Stamping Christmas Tree

Now, the real fun begins! Pour a puddle of green paint onto the painting plate. The puddle of paint needs to be wide enough to allow the toilet tube to be dipped into the paint.

Gently dip an open end of the toilet tube into the paint and stamp it on the page within the triangle's lines.

Stamp until the paint is faint, then dip again and stamp!

The toilet tube circles look so effective and add great texture to the Christmas tree.

Toilet Tube Stamping Christmas Tree

Once satisfied, wait for the paint to dry before carrying on with the next steps.

Every Christmas tree is not complete without decorations.Using the dot stickers, decorate the Christmas tree with dot sticker baubles.

Finally, to finish the Christmas tree cut out two yellow triangles and paste them on top of each other to make a bright star. Secure the star to the top of the tree with a glue dot.

A toilet tube stamping Christmas tree is a great painting idea that repurposes a commonly found household waste item to create something festive and fun.

Is your toddler going to stop at making just one this Christmas?

Toilet Tube Stamping Christmas Tree

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