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Resist Art Christmas Tree

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This resist art Christmas tree is a great toddler Christmas craft idea.

Create a unique festive masterpiece with this resist art Christmas tree!

Finger painting is always a hit at our place.

This process art idea mixes sensory play with creative expression to make a keepsake to admire for years to come.

Resist Art Christmas Tree

Resist Art Christmas Tree

Christmas-themed arts and crafts bring some festive fun to your household.

This painting idea can be set up in a few minutes, completed with hands washed in twenty minutes, and hold fond memories for a lifetime.

The reveal is definitely the highlight of this activity; before that, it’s time for finger painting!

Resist Art Christmas Tree

What you need to make a Resist Art Christmas Tree:

Using different colours adds an extra dimension to your painting. This can be a great opportunity to guess which secondary colours can be made by mixing primary colours.

Blue and yellow make green.

Yellow and red make orange.

Red and blue make purple.

How to set up a Resist Art Christmas Tree:

The first step in creating your resist art Christmas tree is to create the layer that protects the negative space from your toddler's upcoming finger painting adventure.

Fold the piece of green paper in half, and cut out half a Christmas tree on the fold using the scissors.

Open the paper and smooth the fold.

Resist Art Christmas Tree

Add a light glue dot to the green tree's top and bottom. This is purely to hold the paper in place while your toddler is painting. Blu-tack is another option here too.

Once the green layer is in place, it’s time to get finger painting!

Pour a puddle of each colour of paint onto the painting plate.

Show your toddler how to dip their finger into the paint before dotting it across the page.

Resist Art Christmas Tree

Encourage them to dot along the edge, overlapping the green tree. The more paint around the edge, the stronger the contrast of the negative shape will be.

Once your toddler is satisfied with their painting, it is time for the big reveal.

Hold the painting in place without delay while slowly peeling back the green paper tree.

Resist Art Christmas Tree

The resist art Christmas tree is a fun standalone piece of art and makes for unique Christmas cards.

It is a festive art idea that really has a wow factor! Which colours is your toddler going to try first?

Resist Art Christmas Tree

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