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Hungry Snowman Cotton Ball Posting

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This Snomwan Cotton Ball Posting Activity is a great Toddler Winter activity idea and is perfect for working on fine motor skills.

Encourage the development of so many life skills with this easy set-up hungry snowman cotton ball posting activity.

Using a few household items, you can create this DIY at home to play with repeatedly.

Hungry Snowman Cotton Ball Posting

Hungry Snowman Cotton Ball Posting

I love the versatility of a cardboard box.

With a bit of paint and some trusty cotton balls, we created a posting box that allows for the development of so many skills, including fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and crossing the midline.

All of these skills can be transferred to tying shoe laces, fastening buttons, self-feeding, and handwriting. Not bad for a humble cardboard box, is it?

Hungry Snowman Cotton Ball Posting

What you need to make a hungry snowman cotton ball posting activity:

How to set up your hungry snowman cotton ball posting activity:

This super cute posting activity requires a few minutes of parent prep prior to playing.

While I love my morning smoothie with coconut water, these boxes are the perfect size, but the bright graphics had to go.

I gently removed the box from the join and reassembled it inside out. The nude brown cardboard inside made a perfect backdrop to create our hungry snowman on.

Have an adult cut a hole for the snowman’s mouth using the box cutter.

Keep in mind that the rest of the snowman needs to be painted around this hole, so please leave room to complete the design you have in mind.

Use the white paint and paintbrush to paint three circles, each on top of the other. This is the body of our snowman.

I used the tip of the paintbrush handle to paint the snowman’s eyes, twiggy arms, and coal buttons with black paint.

Green paint was used to dress our snowman in a scarf.

Red paint was used to create some winter mittens and the snowman’s nose.

Once the paint is dry, the snowman is ready to play!

Hungry Snowman Cotton Ball Posting

Place the box into the shallow tray opposite to your child’s dominant hand.

Place the cotton balls in the tray, pass your child the spoon, and let us feed this hungry snowman!

This activity can be altered slightly to suit different abilities. Toddlers who are developing hand-eye coordination may prefer to use their hands to feed the snowman.

More capable children would find the spoon a comfortable challenge. Those who master feeding the snowman with the spoon with the box flat can be challenged by having the box upright instead.

Once the snowman has been fed, the box can be opened, cotton balls be poured out for feeding again.

This hungry snowman cotton ball posting activity ticks all the boxes for meaningful play. It can be adapted to suit your child’s individual abilities so they can successfully complete the task of posting the cotton balls. Learning through play is the way to go!

Hungry Snowman Cotton Ball Posting

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