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Muddy Trucks Sensory Play

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Fire up some messy play with this muddy trucks sensory play activity. The mud is taste-safe, so it's perfect for toddlers still mouthing.

It's super simple to set up, and you probably have all you need lurking in your pantry right now!

Muddy Trucks Sensory Play

Muddy Trucks Sensory Play

Sensory play is a play that ignites the senses, and muddy trucks tick all the boxes.

It feels squishy and smells so sweet. The trucks make different sounds as they roll through the mud, and when a curious finger takes a lick, it doesn’t taste terrible.

Toddlers and preschoolers learn so much about the world through their senses. It is one of the reasons they always put things into their mouths and love to touch everything.

Channeling your child’s curiosity to explore safely is exactly what meaningful play is all about.

Muddy Trucks Sensory Play

What you need to make muddy trucks sensory play:

The secret to making this taste safe is to bake the flour.

When the oven is on at 180°C, sprinkle your flour on a flat tray and bake it for 5 minutes. This kills lurking bacteria and makes your flour taste safe and ready to play.

Muddy Trucks Sensory Play

How to set up your muddy trucks sensory play activity:

Making taste-safe mud is super simple.

Pop the flour and cocoa into the bowl and add water. Then pass the task of whisking the mud to your toddler.

Start slow and then build up the speed as it comes together.

There is no need to sieve the flour, so don’t stress about lumps. These will add to the fun when the trucks come to play.

Pour the mud onto the tray, throw in the trucks, and it’s ready to play!

Muddy Trucks Sensory Play

I love watching Mr 3 explore different sensory play bases. We have often used taste-safe mud; however, simply changing the tray seemed to reset all familiarity.

He started off slow.

Holding a truck by the roof, he gently rolled it into the edge of the mud. He tested the mud's viscosity briefly before exploring a little deeper.

Before long, he was drifting his trucks through the mud, making tracks on the tray, scooping mud, and dumping it into the other trucks.

This activity is very open-ended. This little collection of resources can spark experimental play, storytelling, role play, and more.

Muddy trucks sensory play is one to try next time messy play is on the agenda.

It's easy to set up, there are lots of memories to be made, and it's so much fun!

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