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Personalized Paper Plate Reindeer

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Make your own personalized paper plate reindeer this Christmas - such an easy toddler Christmas craft.

One of our favorite Christmas songs is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Inspired by our favorite antlered friend, we used our hand prints to make a personalized tribute to a much-loved Christmas Reindeer.

Personalized Paper Plate Reindeer

Personalized Paper Plate Reindeer

Handprint crafts are a magical way to capture moments in time. As we pull out our Christmas decorations each Christmas, the children love going through their crafts from previous years.

It’s always the handprint and footprint crafts that they love the most. They rest their hands upon the old prints and see how much they have grown.

With an added personalized touch, this paper plate reindeer is a great way to capture a moment in time with its handprint antlers.

Personalized Paper Plate Reindeer

What you need to make a personalized paper plate reindeer:

How to make a personalized paper plate reindeer:

The first step to making your reindeer is to prepare the paper plate.

Gently fold the plate in half and trim a section opposite the fold. Save the pieces, as these are going to be used to make the reindeer's ears.

Open the plate and flip it over.

Use the tape to secure the earpieces in place. Remember that two antler handprints are going to need to fit between the ears, so ensure you leave enough room for them to fit.

Paint the front of the plate with brown paint.

Personalized Paper Plate Reindeer

While the paint is drying, trace around your hands on the brown paper with the pencil. Spread those fingers nice and wide to create really interesting antlers for your reindeer.

Use the scissors to cut them out before securing them in place between the ears on the paper plate with some tape.

The last step is to add your reindeer’s facial features.

Use the black paint to paint two black circle eyes. Then, use the handle end to dot a couple of white spots on the eyes to make them fun and friendly.

Finally, secure the red pom pom onto the tip of the nose with a spot of glue.

Personalized Paper Plate Reindeer

Our personalized paper plate reindeer are a fun way to celebrate the festive season. They are also a sweet keepsake to reflect upon in years to come. Whether they are a once-off crafting adventure or one to repeat year after year, these reindeer with their handprint antlers
will be cherished for the moment in time they will always hold.

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