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Paper Plate Christmas Tree

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This paper plate Christmas Tree is an easy toddler Christmas craft activity.

Your toddler will peel and stick their chosen themed stickers on their tree, resulting in a Christmas tree craft they'll be proud to put on display!

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

This paper plate Christmas tree is a great way of extending your child’s interests into other areas of play. I

f you were to ask your toddler if they would like to make a Christmas tree, would they jump as quickly as you would like to decorate a Christmas tree with your favorite stickers? See where this is going?

Not only are they celebrating their interests, but they are also refining those all-important fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills.

Manipulating the stickers from the sheet before placing them on the tree is a great way to practice these vital foundational skills that will be
transferred to so many tasks outside of decorating paper plate Christmas trees.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

What you need to make a paper plate Christmas Tree:

The magic of this activity is the stickers.

Without putting even more pressure on busy Mum’s, put some thought into the stickers.

Choose some stickers that reflect your child’s current interests. If your toddler is into dinosaurs, get a sheet of dinosaur stickers. If all they talk about is pandas, get some panda stickers.

Use their interests to invest them in the activity!

How to make a paper plate Christmas Tree:

Using the green paint and paintbrush, cover the paper plate with paint.

Allow to dry.

Our plate buckled as it dried. To flatten it, I rested it under some heavy books until it was smooth.

The next step is to turn our flat plate into a Christmas tree cone shape.

Using the scissors, cut a length into the center of the plate.

Wrap the cut edge around itself until you're happy with the size of the cone. Secure in place with tape.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Now, the real fun begins! Decorating the Christmas tree!

Toddlers who are developing fine motor skills can find removing stickers from the sheets challenging.

To make removing the stickers from the sticker sheet easier for developing hands, remove the excess sticker sheet that would otherwise be left on the backing once the stickers are removed. Removing this sheet makes peeling the stickers much easier.

In no time, busy fingers will be peeling the stickers from the sheet before carefully choosing a spot on the paper plate tree to place them. That or they end up piled on top of each other.

It isn’t a kid's Christmas tree without a branch of 30 ornaments, though, right?

Once your toddler has decorated their Christmas tree with their favorite stickers, it is time to complete the look with a star, or in our case, a pom pom.

Secure the pom pom in place with a spot of glue before resting it to dry.

This simple Paper Plate Christmas Tree is a great way to celebrate your toddler’s interest while also getting crafty this festive season. So, what will be used to decorate your toddler’s tree? Whales or garden friends?

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

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