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This free printable Ramadan Scavenger Hunt is a great toddler activity for celebrating Ramadan.

free printable ramadan scavenger hunt treasure hunt toddler preschool pinterest

Free Printable Ramadan Scavenger Hunt

Our toddler scavenger hunts are really popular and a fun toddler game.

If you're celebrating Ramadan or focusing on a Holidays Around The World theme, this is a fun game for toddlers and preschoolers.

If Ramadan is not a holiday you personally observe, I've found that a really great book that explains Ramadan simply to young children is 'Tell Me More About Ramadan'. You can find a copy HERE on Amazon.

tell me more about Ramadan book

It's easy to play - simply print out the scavenger hunt cards and the matching pictures. Hide the pictures around the house and then have them find them. They can tick them off as they find them. 

I like to laminate mine as it means you can use them over and over again. You can find all my favorite laminating items HERE. 

free printable ramadan scavenger hunt treasure hunt toddler preschool


Get your free printable Ramadan Scavenger Hunt
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