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Dinosaur Figure Painting

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Are you looking for a fun toddler dinosaur activity idea?

Dinosaur figure painting has to be our biggest arty win this summer.

Dinosaurs are just one of those obsessions that many children seem to have.

After watching a dinosaur show at a local science fair, we just had to do something with our dinosaurs. Since then, dinosaur figure painting has been revisited time and time again.

Dinosaur Figure Painting

Dinosaur Figure Painting

I love the versatility of paint. Painting is right up there with water play.

If your toddler has had a busy day, isn’t feeling the best, or is dysregulated, add paint or water, and everything improves.

Dinosaur figure painting is another tribute to simple play leading the way.

It is quick and simple to set up, and kids love it.

Dinosaur Figure Painting

What you need for dinosaur figure painting:

If your child is not into dinosaurs, swap them out for their favorite animal.

We used washable poster paints.

How to set up dinosaur figure painting activity:

Place the dinosaurs onto the tray.

Squeeze a blob of each colour paint onto the tray opposite your child’s dominant hand. This encourages them to cross their dominant hand across the centre of their body to dip their paintbrush into the paint. This is a life skill known as crossing the midline and is used for
tasks such as handwriting and driving a car.

Your child can then choose a dinosaur and get painting.

As they apply the paint to their dinosaur, they will quickly learn that if they apply too much pressure, the dinosaur will fall down.

As they add the paint, they can explore how the colours blend together, observe how larger blobs may slowly drip down the figure, and so much more.

My Mr. 3 really slows down every time we pull out this activity. He takes so much care in placing the paint in certain spots, and I love to sit back and watch him apply so much precision to his painting.

Once your child is satisfied with their masterpiece, your painted dinosaurs can be kept on display, or they can have a bubbly bath.

We love turning this painting activity into water play for the cleanup.
Mr 3 uses the paintbrush to scrub the paint from his dinosaurs.

He loves watching the colored water run into the soap bubbles, making the water that baby poo green, which makes most parents cringe.

Dinosaur figure painting is a must-do activity. It's simple to set up, and the kids love repeatedly painting their dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Figure Painting

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