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DIY Felt Play Toddler Activity

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Check out this DIY felt play toddler activity for some indoor fun! Make an awesome play mat with pieces of felt for toddler small-world play. A felt mat promotes fun imaginative play for your early learner.

DIY Felt Play Toddler Activity

DIY Felt Toddler Play 

Easy activities that engage kids are the most sought-after day to day.

The more colorful and interesting the materials, the more irresistible the invitation to play.

Keep it simple!

  • An activity can start with something as simple as a cardboard box and some felt.

This felt play mat is easy to make and prompts kids to play independently.

They’ll be drawn to the interesting setup inside the box, with colorful felt and toy animals.



Shallow cardboard box or box lid

Felt pieces

Mini toy animals

By placing the felt squares in a box or even a box lid, you have a container in place for cleanup time. This makes the activity practically mess-free.

The box also provides a focused area for play. The felt squares outline the environment, and the edges of the box provide natural barriers for the animals.

But you can also play on a tabletop. Start by spreading one large piece of felt on the table. Place smaller pieces on top to outline the different areas – sand, earth, water, grass.

The smaller pieces will ‘stick’ to the felt base, preventing them from moving around as you play.

DIY Felt Play Toddler Activity

This activity is filled with pretend play options.

  • Place the animals on land or sea according to their natural habitats. Which animals access both land and water?
  • Create stories about what the animals are doing.
  • Rearrange the felt squares, or add new squares to change the environment. Should there be more water? Can you add a sandy beach? Do you want a red or pink garden area?

Kids might want to add other props to the scene - trees, seashells, or even a cave for the bear.

Always ensure your toddler's safety when including small parts in an activity, supervising as needed.

Homemade toys and props are so versatile. They allow you to provide activities on the spot with everyday materials. And felt is one of those materials that’s good to have on hand. It’s soft and durable and easy for kids to handle.

DIY Felt Play Toddler Activity

Small world play for toddlers provides great support for early learning skills, such as language and fine motor.

Inspire independent play with your homemade version of a play mat.  

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