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Marble Painting Snow Globe

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This marble painted snow globe is an easy toddler craft idea.

Create a unique papercraft with a unique painting technique that kids love. Your toddler can create their personalized marble painted snow globe to cherish for years.

Marble Painting Snow Globe

Marble Painting Snow Globe

If you need a fun and easy toddler winter craft, you'll love this fun little snow globe craft.

While we love painting, I preferred an activity that was easy to clean up and a low mess.

Marble painting ticks both of those boxes and so much more. This unique technique allows toddlers to develop gross motor skills and coordination, make predictions, and learn about cause and effect.

All that and it makes a pretty painting!

Marble Painting Snow Globe

What you need to make a marble painting snow globe:

Marble Painting Snow Globe

How to make a marble painting snow globe:

The first step to making your snow globe is to create your marble painting masterpiece.

Lay the piece of blue paper down in the middle of the baking tray.

Secure it in place using small strips of masking tape in the corners. This will keep the page in place while the marbles will soon roll over it.

Marble Painting Snow Globe

Place a few small blobs of paint across the page. Do this sparingly. It is easy enough to add more paint later; however, the effect created by the marbles can get lost if too much paint is added.

Now the fun begins.

Slowly tilt the tray, inviting the marbles to build momentum as they roll from one side to the next.

Marble Painting Snow Globe

The challenge here is to navigate the marbles through the paint.

Encourage your child to tilt the tray in different directions and observe what happens.

This is a great activity for experimenting with cause and effect, which is the effect the child can have on their environment.

What happens when they add more paint?
What happens if the marble rolls slowly?
What happens if the marble rolls quickly?
Why is the paint line thicker in some sections and thinner in others?

Once your child is satisfied with their marble painting ‘snowstorm,’ lay the tray out to dry.

Marble Painting Snow Globe

The next step is to stamp the snow animal. Our goal was to make a little polar bear; however, it turned out to be a snow bunny.

Have your child make a fist with their hand. Paint the underside of the pinky finger side of their fist.

Gently stamp their hand down in the middle of their marble-painted snowstorm.

Then with a bit of finger painting, add the other features of their snow animal. We fingerpainted some ears and legs.

While the paint is drying, you can prepare the base of our snow globe.

Cut a trapezium shape from the black paper.

Once the painting is dry, cut out a circle around the painted animal.

Glue the circle to the black trapezium.

Now for the final touches.

Marble Painting Snow Globe

Use the cotton tip to decorate the snowglobe base and add eyes to your animal’s face.

Making your own marble painting snowglobe is a fun craft that involves lots of learning. Make multiples and string them together to create bunting or turn them into gift cards. How are you going to display yours?

Marble Painting Snow Globe

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