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Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft

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Halloween is full of traditions for families, so why not add this Halloween Paper Craft Pumpkin to your list of Halloween crafts to create? This budget-friendly paper craft is simple to set up, and kids love adding their personal touch to the spooky face.

Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft


Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft

Paper crafts are a great way to enjoy time with your children. This Paper Craft Pumpkin activity is a fun and effective way to make some memories and super cute Halloween decorations.

Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft

What you need to make a Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft:

How to make a Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft: 

The first step is to create the pumpkin itself.

To make the pumpkin, we need to create paper strips of equal thickness.

Place the ruler on the longer edge of the page and draw a line from top to bottom. Then align the ruler with this line and then create another. Repeat this across the width of the page.

Using the scissors, cut out the strips, following the pencil lines. This is a great fine motor exercise for your toddler if they are ready to develop scissor skills. Remember, thumbs up and elbows in.

Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft

To construct the pumpkin, position a strip of orange paper horizontally on the table.

Apply a smear of glue to the centre of the paper strip.

Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft

Position the second piece of paper vertically over the first piece to look like a +.

Apply glue to the centre of the second strip.

Position the third strip on a diagonal and apply glue to the centre.

Repeat this process until all the strips have been used.

Retrieve the end of the last strip and apply glue.

Overlap this end with the other end of the same strip to create a circle.

Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft

Apply glue to the top centre of the strip.

Position the end of the next strip to the glue.

Apply glue on top of this strip before adhering to the other end of the same strip.

Repeat until all the strips have been secured.

To create the pumpkin's stem, we are making a paper chain.

Cut four 1cm wide strips of green paper.

Apply glue to the end of one of the strips and overlap to create a circle.

Thread a second strip through the first circle and secure the end with glue.

Repeat with the last two strips of green paper.

Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft

Secure the paper chain stem to the top of the orange pumpkin with glue.

Using the black marker, draw on your favourite spooky smile and eyes to add the final touch to your Halloween pumpkin.

Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft

This fiddly Halloween Paper Craft Pumpkin is perfect for developing fine motor skills. Make one as a stand-alone craft, or make more to create some Halloween bunting or season table decorations.

Halloween Pumpkin Paper Craft


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