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Wednesday 17th of May 2023

Does the Ultimate bundle include Cinco De Mayo and Earth day?


Friday 5th of May 2023


I am interested in a sponsored post. Please let me know If you accept those.



Tuesday 25th of April 2023

I love your ideas for occupying toddlers. However, every time I apply for my free printables of numbers and objects colouring pages, they never arrive in my inbox (I have checked my junk mail as well)

Millie Hardman

Friday 10th of March 2023

Hi there,

I’m touching base as I’d love to share my clients Nathan and cara with you.

Nathan and Cara are a completely loveable, genuine, and comical couple who are proud parents to their two children Freddie and Delilah. They are well-liked by their engaged audience across both of their IG platforms for their relatable family content, showcasing their hectic day-to-day lives and hilarious antics.

It would be great to have a family related element implemented with this partnership and looking forward to discussing any relevant ideas.

Best wishes,


Wednesday 15th of February 2023

I purchased a package and only 12% downloaded. I have made a few requests to have it sent again to me and I would go to the library for help to download the entire package. I am asking that you please send it again.

Thank you