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20 Easy Toddler Painting Ideas

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There are so many toddler painting ideas that there's no excuse for not getting out the paints now. From simple brushes to finger painting and everything in between - here are 20 easy toddler painting ideas.

20 Easy Toddler Painting Ideas

Toddler Painting Ideas

For those of you who have been taking part in our 10 Day Toddler Painting Challenge, congratulations for making it all the way to the end!  If you would like to take part you can sign up here and start at the beginning.

For today's challenge, I'm throwing it out to you - your choice! It's time to get creative and come up with your own painting activity for today. You can go back and use one of the methods we have already tried or experiment with some new ideas.

Make sure you share your paintings in our Facebook Group and on Instagram - #MyBoredToddler . I'm looking for some pictures to add to this post too so yours might get featured!

If you're stuck with what to paint or how to paint with your toddler then these toddler painting ideas have you covered!

Don't forget that you can find my list of all the painting items you need to paint with a toddler HERE. 

Painting with Toddlers - Tips!

Painting is one of the toddler activities that I know that parents avoid the most. There are a few ways to make painting with your toddler a lot less stressful. Hopefully, these toddler painting tips will help!

  1. Be prepared
    Even I don't have painting as a daily activity. It's something that I plan for and set up. Designate an area for the painting, put down a drop cloth (I like this one) and try to keep everything contained.
    melissa doug dropcloth - toddler painting tips
  2. Plan for more than 1 painting 
    It's rare that a toddler only wants to paint one picture. Have lots of paper ready, a variety of brushes and different items for them to use. It's much easier to do multiple painting activities all at once than to do one each day - trust me!
  3. Dress them in old clothes 
    The odds of your toddler getting paint on them is almost 100%! Don't stress about them ruining their best clothes, and instead keep some old clothes aside to use for painting and other messy play activities. 
  4. Have your cleaning supplies ready
    I always keep some wipes and a towel or cloth nearby. I know they'll get messy so it's much easier to be prepared.

Do you have any toddler painting tips? Share them in our Facebook Group. 

Let's get started with our simple Toddler Painting Ideas - which one will you do first?

20 Easy Toddler Painting Ideas

    1. Painting with brushes - never forget the most obvious! Larger handled paint brushes like these ones are best for toddlers.
      Toddler painting activity using foam brushes square no text
    2. Finger Painting - it's messy but you know they'll love it!
    3. Painting with Q-tips / Cotton tips
    4. Painting with rollers 
    5. Painting with Cotton wool 
    6. Painting with trucks and cars
      Painting with trucks and cars feature
    7. Painting on leaves
    8. Fruit and Vegetable painting prints
      fruit and vegetable stamping and painting
    9. Painting with water
    10. Painting on foil 
    11. Painting with Frozen Paints 
    12. Giant Outdoor Painting
      giant process art for toddlers supplies
    13. Painting with Spatulas 
    14. Painting with Pot Scrubbers
      Painting with Pot Scrubbers
    15. Bubble Wrap Roller Painting 
    16. Painting with Cotton Reels
    17. Painting with Corn 
    18. Butterfly Paintings
      20 Easy Toddler Painting Ideas
    19. Stamping with cookie cutters and blocks
    20. Painting on Bubble Wrap

I know I said 20 but here's another one! 

Painting on Ice with Watercolors 

20 Easy Toddler Painting Ideas

I hope you enjoyed these simple toddler painting ideas. Don't forget to share your toddler painting photos in our Facebook Group and over on Instagram - use the hashtag #MyBoredToddler so you can see what everyone else is doing too!

Remember that if you have yet to take part in our 10 Day Toddler Painting Challenge you can sign up HERE (it's free!)

20 Easy Toddler Painting Ideas


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20 Easy Toddler Painting Ideas




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