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Cotton Reels should be part of every toddler's craft box. There are so many different uses for them, particularly when it comes to fine motor activities. Today we are going to use them for a painting activity. The bottom (and top) of most cotton reels normally have a pattern on them, and you can also roll the cotton reels in paint for a different effect.

We used a large roll of paper and taped it to the table to make the activity easier, but you can do this with small paper if you prefer.

What do you need: 

2015-01-05 10.21.42

What to do: 

  1. Cover the table with a large sheet of paper
  2. Place paint onto plates
  3. Let your toddler stamp and roll with the cotton reels to make different patterns.
  4. If you use long rolls of paper, you can save the painting and use it to make your own wrapping paper.

2015-01-05 10.21.46


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