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Easter ideas for toddlers - Crafts and Activities

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We have some fantastic Easter ideas for toddlers for you! Lots of fun toddler and preschooler Easter crafts and Easter activities.

Easter Ideas for Toddlers - crafts and activities pinterest

Easter Ideas for Toddlers - Crafts and Activities for Toddlers to do at Easter 

I love Easter - it's a great time to get out the crafts and do some fun Easter activities. We've selected some Easter ideas that are easy enough for a 1,2 or 3 year old to do, but also can be extended for older kids to join in too. We're also going to be sharing lots of toddler Easter ideas in our Facebook group and on Instagram too.

Let's get started with some of our favorite Easter crafts and Ideas 

Taste Safe Easter Cloud Dough Sensory bin 

Fizzing Easter Sensory Bin 

Easter Egg Collage Craft

Easter Egg Water Play Sensory Bin 

plastic easter egg water scooping sensory feature

Easy Easter Sticker Bags

Plastic Easter Egg Printing 

easter egg painting craft for toddlers step 2

Easter Egg Color Sorting 

easter egg hunt color sorting in baskets

In our Weekly Themed Toddler Activity Group our members shared some of their fun and easy toddler Easter Activity ideas. 

Erin shared this fun Easter sensory bin with Carrots & shredded paper. You can get similar plastic carrots HERE

Crystal shared this fun Easter Bunny paper plate craft using cotton balls and googly eyes. 

Ashka got very creative with cardboard and made a cute Easter bunny crayon holder! If you have lots of boxes try some of these fun cardboard box ideas too! 

easter bunny cardboard craft crayon holder

Nicole made a super simple Easter egg drop using cardboard rolls and plastic easter eggs. 

catch the plastic easter eggs easy toddler Easter activity ideas

Ashley set up an Easter Egg hunt (she used real chocolate eggs but the plastic ones would work too). I love the use of the giant marshmallows as the main filler! 

easter egg sensory bin

Janetta set up a fun Easter egg coloring activity.You can get the eggs HERE. 

easter egg coloring

Ashley used these adorable footprints to make an easy Easter Bunny craft. 


Easter bunny with footprint ears

Katie made this amazing Easter window display using painter's tape. 

easter window with painters tape

McKenzie shared this fun Easter bunny painting idea using black cardboard and a white Easter bunny cutout. 

Easter craft painting for toddlers

Nothing fancy items required for this Easter craft. Ashely drew an Easter egg and set up sponges to paint with! 

sponge painting easter eggs

Crystal added some alphabet recognition to her Easter play - such an easy activity idea! 

alphabet easter hunt for toddlers

An egg rescue is always a lot of fun! Thanks again to Ashley for this great idea! 

Nicole hid bunnies in kinetic sand - what a fun Easter sensory bin idea! You can buy kinetic sand HERE. 

easter bunny kinetic sand sensory bin for toddlers



Looking for even more Easter activities for toddlers? Try some of these...


Easter Ideas for toddlers - easy crafts and activities for 1,2 and 3 year olds for Easter 1

Paper plate chick craft 

Milk Carton Easter Basket - Messy Little Monster

Cookie Cutter Printmaking - JDaniel4's Mom

Easy Easter egg process art 

Easter Ideas for Toddlers - crafts and activiites for toddlers 2

Striped toddler Easter eggs 

Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs - The Resourceful Mama

Easter egg color matching - Simple Fun for Kids

Easy Easter bunny painting

Easter Ideas for Toddlers - crafts and activiites for toddlers3

Toddler decorated Easter biscuits 

Easter Play Dough - The Ladybird's Adventures

Easter egg light table play - And Next Comes L

Easter egg potato stamping - Practical Mom

Easter Ideas for Toddlers - crafts and activiites for toddlers 4

Easy Collage Easter Eggs 

Playdough Easter eggs - Elemeno-P Kids

Easy paper bag Easter basket - Kiddy Charts

Felt Easter Egg Wall - Sunny Day Family

Easter Ideas for Toddlers - crafts and activiites for toddlers 5

Sticky egg suncatcher - Teach Me Mommy

Easy bunny art painting - Messy Little Monster

Easter Cards - Life at the Zoo

Paper Plate Easter Bunny - The Best Ideas for Kids

Easter Ideas for Toddlers - crafts and activiites for toddlers 6

Fizzing rainbow Easter eggs - Preschool Powol Pockets

Easter oobleck - Little Bins for Little Hands

CD Chick Craft - Happy Hooligans

Easter egg tree decorations - Crafts on Sea

Easter Ideas for Toddlers - crafts and activiites for toddlers 1 (5)

Easter egg stamping - Buggy and Buddy

Milk jug Easter eggs - Crafts on Sea

Paper plate chick & egg craft - Simply Today Life

Upcycled Easter Tray - Jinxy Kids

I always love seeing your toddler activities in action! Share a photo of your toddler's Easter crafts and activities in our Facebook group or on Instagram - use #myboredtoddler and tag @myboredtoddler. I'll share some of my favorites 🙂

If you loved these activities why not pin this post on Pinterest. You can see more toddler Easter ideas on THIS Pinterest board.

Easter Ideas for Toddlers - crafts and activities pinterest (1)


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Tuesday 21st of March 2017

So many great activities. My granddaughter will be 3 on Easter Sunday. I will be doing some with her!

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Tuesday 21st of March 2017

Another great round-up! I really like that bunny mask, though it also reminds me of A Christmas Story. ha ha :D

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Love this round up! Thanks for sharing.