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Carboard Box Creations for Kids to Play With

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Are you looking for ideas of items to make with cardboard boxes? With all the online shopping happening lately that means lots of cardboard boxes just begging to be turned into some great pretend play ideas. 

cardboard box creations to make at home pinterest 1

Cardboard Box Pretend Play Ideas

Pretend play is such and important activity for toddlers and preschoolers but it's not an activity that requires you to spend lots of money on resources. Why buy a toy kitchen when you can make one!

The members of our Facebook Group have been so creative lately and have shared some wonderfully creative cardboard box ideas with us. See some of their great creations below. 

Have you made anything out of boxes? Share a picture in our Facebook Group or over on Instagram (follow@myboredtoddler and use #myboredtoddler so we can all see). 

Pretend Play Ideas Made From Cardboard Boxes 

Ice Cream Stand

Mayra made this fabulous ice cream stand using boxes and wrapping paper - how amazing does it look. I know my kids would LOVE to play with this.  Make your own accessories for it or you can get a great ice cream stand pack HERE from Amazon. 

pretend play ice cream

cardboard box ice cream stand

Toy Car Storage 

In case you needed a reason to buy a carton of wine, April used the insert of hers to make a great toy parking garage! 

April Headley cardboard insert from wine

Gingerbread House 

Jaina made this fantastic Gingerbread House - what a wonderful pretend play area! She let her kids help stick on the decorations at the bottom. What a creative cardboard box idea! 

gingerbread house cardobard box creation

Train Tunnel

Brooke kept it simple and made some train tunnels from boxes - easy to make but hours of fun! 

train tunnel cardboard box

Cardboard Box Stove

Caity made this great stove from an old box. I love how creative everyone has been in our Facebook Group! 

cardboard box stove

Cardboard Playhouse with Chimney

Miranda made this fun playhouse complete with a chimney and smoke! So cute and I bet her kids had so much fun playing in this one! 

cardboard playhouse with chimney

Hammering Golf Tees into a Cardboard Box

Shelby made this great toddler fine motor activity out of a box - golf tees and a hammer! Obviously supervision would be needed for this one but doesn't it look fun! 

golf tees and a cardboard box

Sensory Box 

Faith made a sensory box that looks like great fun! 

sensory box out of cardboard

Play Kitchen Cardboard Box Creation 

Shilpa took making a play kitchen to a whole new level with this amazing creation! I wish I had a play kitchen like that as a child! Don't forget to join our Facebook Group where all of these great ideas are being shared daily. While Shilpa made all of her accessories you can also buy some play kitchen tools HERE. 

shilpa singh oberoi

Cardboard Box Appliances - Wahser, Dryer, Sink & Stove

Wendy took this to a whole  new level and made ALL the appliances - I'm pretty sure her kitchen and laundry is now more high tech than my own! 

cardboard box stove washer and dryer

Play House with Toys

Georgia made this cozy play house. The inside looks so inviting! 

Monster Box Creation 

Georgia made this cool Franky Monster box! I can only imagine the fun that will happen with this one.

franky monster cardboard box creation

Cardboard Pizza 

Kate used the cardboard that comes with frozen pizza and turned it into a pretend play pizza - great idea! 

cardboard pizza

Toy Carpark 

Kat turned some boxes into a carpark for toy cars and trucks. 

cardboard box toy carpark

If you enjoyed these ideas make sure you join our Facebook Group for more fun toddler activity ideas. 

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Wednesday 10th of June 2020

This sensory box is awesome, and the monster made me crack :) We love cardboard, too! My son's faves are castles and airplanes, I shared some of our ideas here:

Shilpa Singh

Saturday 16th of May 2020

Thank you so much Carol for mentioning my kitchen set creation! It feels great to be appreciated 😊