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Cardboard Tube Craft Ideas for Toddlers

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Are you looking for some toddler craft ideas that don't cost a lot? We are big fans of cheap toddler activity ideas (last week we focused on Egg Carton Toddler Crafts) so we have put the focus on Cardboard Tubes or Toilet Tubes.

Toilet Tube / Cardboard Tube Crafts for Toddlers

Some people prefer to use old toilet tubes, but if you prefer a different option you can buy big packs of craft tubes on Amazon HERE

Cardboard Tube Ball Balancing

Today, this activity literally took minutes to gather a few toilet tubes, balls, and lids. Super simple to set up and even the older kids got in on the fun!

Cardboard Tube Crazy Hair Cuts

Crazy hair, loads of emotions and lots of bright colours make this activity fun and engaging fine motor activity for your toddler. Make use of those empty toilet rolls lurking in your recyclables and turn them into Crazy Hair Toilet Tubes!

Shape Stamping with Cardboard Tubes

We have loved shape stamping with toilet rolls - a fun toddler painting activity idea. Today we learnt about shapes and colours while Shape Stamping with Toilet Tubes.

shape stamping with toilet rolls easy toddler activity idea

Bubble Wrap Cardboard Tube Fish Craft

Teaming up a good old toilet roll or toilet tube, depending on where in the world you live, with some bubble wrap, is a great way of inspiring your child to envision resources beyond their usual uses.

Cardboard Tube Space Rocket Craft

Zoom, zoom, zoom we are going to the moon -in a toilet tube space rocket! If you are looking for toddler space crafts, launch your child’s imagination into the stars with this easy and fun DIY toilet tube rocket craft

Toilet Tube Space Rocket

Bendy Limbed Frog Craft

This little DIY puppet opened up many learning opportunities. Our bendy-limbed toilet tube frog has quickly become the favorite toy of the moment!

Bendy Toilet Tube Frog Craft

More Toddler Cardboard Tube Craft Ideas

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