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Shapes Activities for Toddlers

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Shapes Activities for Toddlers 

Shapes Activities for Toddlers

I've had a lot of requests lately for shapes activities for toddlers. Shapes are a great early numeracy activity, and these are great activities to combine with our toddler counting activities and ABC activities.

When introducing shapes to toddlers, start with the world around you. Point out shapes in the environment, discuss what shapes look like and play eye-spy with shapes (eye-epy a red circle etc..). Talk about the features of the shapes:

  • How many sides does it have?
  • Does it have any corners? How many?
  • Are the sides straight or curved?
  • What can we see that is also a square?

Shapes Activities for Toddlers

We've found 20 great shape activities that are just perfect for toddlers and that I'm sure they will enjoy!

shape activities for toddlers - shape matching, shape playdough mats, shape busy bags, shape stamping

Shape Matching Puzzle - Simple Fun for Kids

Shape Playdough Mats - PreKinders

Shape Puzzle Busy Bag - Teach Me Mommy

Sponge Shape Stamps - Buggy and Buddy

Shape activities for toddlers - shape board game, shape sensory sorting, shape painting, match stick shape activity for toddlers

Shape Board Game for Toddlers - Simple Fun for Kids

Sensory Shape Sorting - Stir the Wonder

Circle Art Process Painting - Paper and Glue

Match Stick Shapes - Kidz Activities

Shape activities for toddlers window shape matching shape sensory bin play shape collage sensory touch and feel shapes for toddlers

Window Shape Matching - Powerful Mothering

Shape Sensory Bin - Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Shape Invitation to Create - Days with Grey

Touch and Feel Shapes - Teach Me Mommy

shape activities for toddlers shape hopscotch shape playdough shape window stickers shape no sew book

Shape Hopscotch - Creative Family

Sticky Paper Shape Sorting - Living Montessori Now

Playdough Shape Building - The Preschool Toolbox

Shapes Quiet Book - Powerful Mothering

shape activities for toddlers playground shape hunt shape sorting shape matching cards

Finding Shapes at the Playground - Buggy and Buddy

Shapes from Recyclables - Teach Me Mommy

Shape Button Sort - Life with Moore Babies

Shape Matching - Simple Fun for Kids

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