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Car and Truck Themed Toddler Activities

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I've yet to meet a toddler who doesn't love playing with cars and trucks and these car and truck themed toddler activities are definitely worth saving! 

Car and Truck Themed Toddler Activities

Car and Truck Themed Toddler Activites 

We love these car and truck activities - perfect for one, two, and three year olds. Don't be fooled into thinking these activities are 'boy activities' - girls love cars and trucks as much as anyone.

When I worked in early learning environments the cars and trucks were one of the most popular play areas (in close competition with the dress-ups and pretend play areas).

One of my favorite items for playing with cars and trucks is a playmat like this one. It makes it so easy to set up - get the playmat, get your box of cars and trucks and you're ready to go! 

toddler play mat road

I like the mat above as you can pull it apart for easy storage, and because it's foam it's easy to wipe down if anything spills on it. You can get this one HERE on Amazon. 

I also like to always link our toddler activities to a  great toddler book (I can't help it - it's the teacher in me coming out!).

For this car and truck theme I couldn't choose my favorite so decided to share my two favorites - That's Not My Car (available HERE on Amazon) and That's Not My Truck (available HERE).

I really love the whole range of these touchy-feely books and they are perfect for younger toddlers. 

If you're doing a car & truck theme, why not set up a small book display and make them easily accessible to your toddler. This is a great way to encourage them to take an interest in books.

Krista from our Weekly Themed Facebook Group displayed her books like this when we had a car & truck themed week (great idea!)

car and truck themed book display

Truck & Car Toddler Activity Ideas 

Our Facebook Group members have shared some of their fun toddler car & truck activity ideas - we love seeing their real-life activity ideas.

Make your own road & play mat. Nicole used a roll of craft paper like this one to make her own road & town play mat - such an easy and fun idea.

make your own paper car mat for toddlers to play with - nicole

Painting with Cars & Trucks

Painting with cars & trucks was a popular activity with our Facebook group members and I love that they all set theirs up a little differently - there's no right or wrong way!

The idea is to use the cars as the brushes and roll them along the paper to make patterns - so much fun!

painting with cars = easy toddler activity
Shared by Liza
painting with trucks toddler activity
Shared by Vicki
painting with cars toddler craft activity
Shared by Ashley

Bubble Foam and Cars Activity

If you haven't tried bubble foam or soap foam before it's really easy! You can see how to make it HERE.

bubble foam with cars 2
Shared by Jennifer
bubble foam with cars for toddlers - sensory and messy play
Shared by Jennifer

Washing Cars & Trucks

Washing toys is always a really simple, but really fun toddler activity idea. It's as simple as a bucket of water (soapy water optional) and a sponge or cloth and let them have fun!

washing cars and trucks toddler activity
Shared by Katelyn, Tenley & Ashley

Make a Car Wash

Sindy made a car wash from a cardboard box - very creative!

make a car wash for kids

Car Sorting by Colors

Some colored construction paper is all you need to set up this fun color sorting activity with your cars & trucks.

sorting cars by color
Shared by Han
Sorting cars and trucks by color - shared by Codi
Shared by Codi

Make a car ramp and have races!

Toni was creative with her Magnatiles and made this great ramp for racing cars & trucks.

make a car ramp using magnatiles toni
Shared by Toni

Malin got creative and used an ironing board to make a ramp!

ironing board car ramp for toddlers

Make a Race Track

Jillian used painter's tape to make a fun race track

make a toddler car race track

Make a Parking Lot

Some cardboard is all you need to make a simple parking garage.

make a parking lot out of cardboard toddler activity
Shared by Krista

Car & Truck Counting

I always love a play based math activity and counting cars is an easy one.

counting cars toddler activity
Shared by Han

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I really hope you loved these car and truck toddler activities as much as we did!

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