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Farm Activities for Toddlers

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We are loving the toddler farm activities and farm crafts! I've yet to meet a toddler (or any child really) that doesn't love the farm, which is why we've put together a fun collection of easy farm activities for toddlers.

With a mix of sensory play, crafts and activities, your one, two or three year old will love these fun farm activities.

toddler farm activities and farm crafts

Farm Activities for Toddlers

Does your toddler love the farm as much as mine did? These farm crafts and activities will definitely keep them busy.

Would you like a planned weekly activity guide with a Farm theme? Get your free copy HERE.

I love to have a theme going when we do crafts, and try to pair these activities with my favorite toddler farm books too.  If you're in search of some classic farm toys you can't go past this farm set and these farm animals. 

Some more easy farm activities for toddlers are:

We reached out to our Facebook Group for some of their toddler farm activities and I know that you'll love these ideas as much as I do!

Farm Week Shelf Setup

A great way to setup your toddler space for a themed week is with a shelf setup.

These normally include easily accessible books, toys and puzzles related to the theme. Vanessa shared this farm shelf setup with us.

toddler farm shelf setup for farm week activities
Shared by Vanessa

Liz shared her farm setup with us as well. You can see she has some farm puzzles, a small farm sensory bin, some playdough with farm playdough cutters and of course some farm books too!

toddler farm shelf setup
shared by Liz

Nicole also shared her farm setup. She used easily accessible baskets to store the farm activities in.

toddler farm theme shelf setup
Shared by Nicole

Rescue the Farm Animal

Aimee shared this fun and easy toddler farm activity idea - tape your farm animals to a board or mat (masking tape works well) and then have them 'rescue' them.

rescuing farm animals - toddler fine motor farm activity idea
Shared by Aimee

Farm Playdough Tray

This is a fun and easy farm animal playdough tray to set up.

Let your toddler explore the footprints that the animals make and then encourage pretend play as the animals interact with each other.

farm playdough tray for toddlers
Shared by Manimegalai

Paper Plate Pig Craft

Crystal shared this fun pig paper plate craft idea. Paint your plate pink, add some googly eyes and a snout and some ears.

paper plate pig craft for farm week
Shared by Crystal

Nicole made her paper plate pig craft differently - painted the plate pink and then used construction paper for the face.

paper pig craft
Shared by Nicole

Paper Plate Chick Craft

Nicole used the same process to make a paper plate chicken.

paper plate chick craft for toddlers farm
Shared by Nicole

Make a Paper Plate Sheep Mask

Crystal shared her paper plate sheep mask idea. Cover a paper plate (with a hole cut out of the middle) with cotton balls and add some ears with black card.

paper plate sheep mask for toddlers
Shared by Crystal

Cotton Ball Wooly Sheep Craft

Use a toilet paper cardboard roll (or a craft roll) and cover it with cotton balls. Add some craft sticks for legs (painted black) and use construction paper for the face. Thanks to Rebecca for sharing this sheep craft with us.

cardboard tube sheep toddler farm craft activity
shared by Rebecca

Washing the Farm Animals

Washing toys is always a fun and easy toddler activity. Add some farm animals to a container of soapy water and let them have fun!

washing the farm animals
Shared by Leaumont

Muddy Pig Painting

Make a muddy pig painting - this is actually a mess free (sort of!) activity. Rebecca showed us how she used a picture in a zip lock bag to paint the pig with 'mud'.

To make this muddy pig craft you need a picture of a pig. Rebecca had her toddlers color them first. Place the picture into a ziplock bag and add the mud (a mix of brown paint and shaving cream).

Securely close the bag and have your toddler mix the mud around. What a great farm activity idea!

Milk the Cow

I love this farm activity idea shared by Nicole. Fill a rubber glove with water put a pin hole in the bottom of each finger) and have them 'milk' the cow!

milk the cow toddler farm activity idea
Shared by Nicole

Make a Farm Sensory Bin

If I'm setting up a themed week of activities I like to start with a sensory bin or small world play as you can normally leave these out for most of the week and they will get played with each day. For a farm theme I really love this small world farm sensory play. 

Sensory Farm Yard Small World Play

More Farm Sensory Bins for Toddlers

We had so many great farm sensory bin ideas shared in our Facebook group that I have to show you them all!

Danielle shared this amazing farm sensory bin. She used cornflakes and some packet cake mix for the dirt and shaving cream mixed with a little bit of blue paint for the water.

FArm sensory bin for toddlers
Shared by Danielle

Fatema shared her farm sensory bin using craft sticks for the fences and felt for the floor.

farm animal sensory bin
Shared by Fatema

This outdoor farm sensory bin was shared by Gemma - you can see that she has used some blue food coloring in the water for the pond, corn for the path, pudding for the mud and some real grass too!

Outdoor farm sensory bin sensory play for toddlers
Shared by Gemma

Iza made a farm sensory bin out of cardboard boxes.

toddler farm sensory bin cardboard box
Shared by Iza

Ashley shared this simple farm sensory bin with us. She used green paper strips for grass, some water and some black beans. Simple but entertaining!

simple farm sensory bin for toddlers
Shared by Ashley

This farm sensory bin was shared by Katie using toys she already had. You could use sand as a base or crushed crackers or cereal to make a taste safe farm sensory bin.

farm sensory bin toddler farm week activity ideas
Shared by Katie

I love how Jennifer used a sectioned tray to create individual pens for her farm animals!

miniature farm sensory play tray
shared by Jennifer

For this sensory bin Jennifer used colored rice (see how easy it is to color rice HERE), and some black beans for her farm sensory bin. I like how she used a kiddie pool to keep the mess contained!

farm sensory bin for toddlers
Shared by Jennifer

Kendra made a colorful rainbow rice 'hide and seek' farm sensory bin. You can get the Animal Hide-and-Seek book HERE on Amazon.

rainbow rice farm sensory bin for toddlers
Shared by Kendra

Jodie made a muddy animal sensory tray - you can use pudding for the mud or can make taste safe mud by mixing corn flour, cocoa and water. Oats make a great base for a farm bin too.

muddy farm animal play
Shared by Jodie

We would love to see your toddler activities. Why not join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram for more ideas.

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Mrs. B

Friday 26th of August 2022

This is a wonderful array of ideas! I am so excited to try these with my toddler! Thank you for putting together such a unique set of activities!