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DIY Toddler Busy Board Ideas

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If you're looking for DIY toddler busy board ideas then we've got some great ones for you! Busy boards are a great toddler activity and you can easily make your own. 

easy diy busy boards for toddlers to make at home


DIY Toddler Busy Board Ideas

Surprisingly, toddler busy boards are asked about a LOT in our Facebook group, with many of you keen to get in there and make one of your own.

There are no set rules for making busy boards - try to use what you have around the home and then take a trip to your local hardware store. Items that hey can lock and unlock, push and pull, open and close and that make noise or have different textures are what you are looking for. 

Busy boards are great for inquisitive toddlers and assist with their fine motor skills and are a great sensory activity too. 

How to make a busy board for toddlers? 

I'm going to share lots of busy board ideas below that our lovely Facebook group members have shared in our group and you'll see that there's really no set way. It's about being creative and using what you have. 

Most busy boards start with a piece of wood or peg board for the back and then various items are attached to it. Most people are adding items from the hardware store (be careful to make sure the materials are child safe), Amazon, Dollar Tree or Etsy. 

Some popular items to include in your busy board are: 

Some of the great toddler busy boards shared by our group members:

Amber shared this busy board idea - I love the ball drop with the pipe and the basket! The round buttons are wireless tap lights which you can find HERE

DIY toddler busy board ideas

Becky shared this busy board. This one uses a baby mirror and the Melissa and Doug latch board which you can get HERE.  The addition of an old calculator is a nice touch too! 

diy busy board for toddlers and babies

This idea for a toddler busy board was shared by Chelsea. She has used fidget spinners  and a bike horn on hers. 

hand made busy board for kids

This is a fun one from Jacqui - most of these items could easily be found at the dollar store. 

diy busy board

This busy board idea was shared by Jenny. 

busy board fun for toddlers

Eden made her busy board to fit into a corner - a genius idea which makes storing it a bit easier. 

corner busyboard

Lauren shared her DIY busy board. I can see an etch a sketch on there along with lots of items you probably already have at home. 

busy board

Maxine shared her busy board - I love the shiny backgrounds! 

busy board ideas you can make yourself maxine

You can find some more of our favorite toddler busy board ideas below: 

busy boards for toddlers

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activity boards for toddlers

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busy board ideas for toddlers

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If you make your own busy board we would love for you to share it! Share a photo in our Facebook Group or over on Instagram - follow @myboredtoddler and use #myboredtoddler so we can all see. I might even repost a picture of it 🙂 

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Esther Wells

Monday 25th of May 2020

Great. I actually was able to make my sensory board after reading this post


Sunday 17th of May 2020

Busy boards are great, and they are well worth the investment. My kid is still playing with his, and he is 7 by now! It really pushes the engineering, creativity, and open-ended play. I've written about the best way to build a busy board here: I hope it helps someone! :)