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Toy Car Sorting Activity for Toddlers

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This toy car sorting activity is such an easy toddler activity and one that will entertain them easily no matter where you are. It's also a great play based math activity for toddlers too.

Toddler sorting activity with toy cars

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Toy Car Sorting Activity for Toddlers

Everyday play provides lots of opportunities for kids to play and learn. Sorting toy cars and trucks is a fun way for toddlers to begin recognizing and naming colors. Sorting and color recognition are great play based math activities for toddlers too. The ability to recognize and name colors generally begins in the toddler years. Kids gradually begin to make decisions and communicate choices based on color recognition.

Their knowledge of colors becomes evident as they do art activities, play games, ask for a favorite shirt to wear, or understand road signs and street lights.

This skill can be promoted with a simple sorting activity.

What you need for our toddler car sorting activity

The best part of this activity is that you don't really need to buy anything. Simple toddler activities are always the best!

Toy cars and trucks can be used for a color sorting activity with toddlers

Gather together several toy cars or trucks in different colors and different sizes. If you don't alreay have a collection of toy cars I recommend these ones. 

Start with the basic colors – red, green, yellow.

Color sorting with toddlers using toy cars

Make a simple garage with a rectangle of cardboard.

Separate parking spaces with lines drawn with a permanent marker. Identify specific spaces with colored dots if preferred, or leave them plain for your toddler to create his or her own system for sorting.

How to Play

Name the colors of the cars as you play.

Make comparisons between the sizes of the cars or the number of cars of each color.

Sorting toy cars in a lineup

Sort toy cars and trucks in a long line, or help your toddler make a pattern – red, green, red, green.

Strengthen language development by interacting with your toddler and engaging him in conversation.

Let’s put all the red cars in the garage.

How many blue cars do we have?

Which car will we put in the lineup first?

Sorting cars and trucks is a simple activity that begins with everyday play.  As they achieve the skill of recognizing colors kids gradually learn to classify and sort, to make patterns, and to interact in everyday situations.

As you engage with your toddler you can guide the play with words and actions to enhance the learning opportunity.

If you enjoy this activity we would love you to share some photos with us or tell us about it. You can share on Instagram (follow us HERE for lots of simple toddler activity ideas) or in our Facebook Group. 

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