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Playdough Activities for Toddlers

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Playdough is one of my favorite toddler activities and there is so much that you can do with it! This collection of playdough activities for toddlers will keep your little one busy!

16 Playdough activities for toddlers

Playdough Activities for Toddlers

I love playdough - it's one of my favorite toddler activities and a large box of playdough is one of the gifts I love to give for a first birthday present to my own children and friends and family. A pack like THIS is perfect and lasts for such a long time. The trick is to only let them have a few containers at once so they don't leave off all the lids and mix all of the colors! You can get this pack HERE from Amazon. 

playdough 24 pack amazonAs well as being a lot of fun, playdough is a great fine motor activity for toddlers too. There are a lot of great playdough accessories out there too but I find that if you buy one big set you don't really need much else. The one I like to recommend is this one. 

playdough toolsIf you prefer to make your own playdough, then I think that this is the best no-cook playdough recipe you can make with (or without!) a stand mixer!

Here are some great playdough activities for toddlers

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Playdough Stamping

This is such a quick toddler playdough activity to set up. One of the perks of this activity is that you can target your child’s interest by presenting them with toys they are loving at that time. If your child is into bugs, grab their toy beetles. If your child is showing an interest in trains, grab their trains.

Playdough Stamping

Playdough Bug Dig 

We combined two of our favorite playthings  - Playdough and bugs! This playdough bug dig is a great way to engage your child in play while developing their fine motor skills too. 


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