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Toddler Christmas Craft Challenge - What You Need

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Thank for signing up to our FREE 12 Day Toddler Christmas Craft Challenge (if you haven't you can sign up HERE). We will be starting our challenge the day AFTER you sign up and you'll receive an email each day with the new activity.

Before we get started you'll need to know what to get! I've put together our list below and have tried to keep it as simple as possible. For each activity you will be able to substitute items or do a slightly different craft if you don't have everything.

Please don't go out and spend a lot of money - the idea is to keep this challenge simple and inexpensive.

You'll notice throughout the challenge that we use many of the materials more than once (butcher's paper and paper plates come to mind). This is all to keep costs low.

What you need for our FREE 12 Day Christmas Craft Challenge

Paper Plates (a pack of 5 is enough but I use these a lot for crafts so grab a big pack if you like!)

Scissors for adult use

Christmas ribbon

Hole Punch - I use one like this

Foam Christmas stickers (any kind). If you can't find these regular Christmas stickers will also work.

Scraps of Christmas wrapping paper (the off cuts - we don't use much) or old Christmas cards that can be cut up

Red and Green construction paper - 4 pieces of each

Glue stick

Glitter - I recommend a pack like this

Trifold Cards and envelopes

self adhesive gem stickers

butchers paper - a whole roll as we'll use this for a lot of items

Paint - Christmas colors, but all colors if you can. A pack like this is perfect.

Black marker pen

Pom Poms

Crepe paper in red and green

Roller painters

Black card - 2 pieces

sticky back paper / contact paper

cellophane in mixed colors

Christmas cookie cutters (any design)

Gift bags - any size but we used medium ones

Empty toilet rolls (you can get these from craft stores if you prefer)

Curling ribbon

4 cups of plain flour

1 cup of salt

Pre cut gift tags or card stock

White cotton balls

For more fun toddler ideas why not join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram – use #myboredtoddler to share your pics so we can see!

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