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Painted Snowflake Christmas Craft

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We're making an easy painted Christmas snowflake for today's easy Christmas craft challenge. I love this craft because it allows a high level of involvement by your toddler.

easy christmas painted snowflake craft pinterest

Painted Snowflake Christmas Craft

I loved making these snowflakes when I was younger and toddler's love seeing their creation unfold as well. While you can cut corners and buy colored paper for these, that takes away a lot of your child's involvement. Being so young, the cutting part of the snowflakes is generally best completed by an adult which is why we make the painting part the main focus.

You can paint your snowflakes any way you like (or color them in etc), but for this activity, we've made them like butterfly paintings.  Whenever we paint like this be prepared to do more than one! 'Another one' is what my kids always say after we do each one.

As I mentioned earlier, this is part of our 12 Day Toddler Christmas craft challenge. If you missed yesterday's activity we made easy Christmas gift tags. If you would still like to join in our challenge you can sign up HERE. 

I always like to match up my crafts with a great toddler book and for this activity the book Daniel Tiger's Snowflake Days is perfect! You can get that HERE on Amazon. 

Snowlfake Day Daniel Tiger Book for Toddlers

What you need for your painted snowflake craft

easy christmas pained snowflakes what you need

How to make your painted snowflakes

Put your paint on the plate and add in some glitter. It's easier to add the glitter to the paint rather than after  you paint (trust me!)

easy christmas painted snowflake craft setting up the paint

Have your toddler paint on half of the piece of paper. It doesn't matter if they paint both halves, but it works better if the paint is only on one side. Use a lot of paint.

easy christmas painted snowflake craft painting the paper

Fold the piece of paper in half and have your child spread the paint around.

easy christmas painted snowflake craft folding the paper

Open up the paper and you'll see a lovely pattern! The best part of this is that the pattern is different each time and revealing the new pattern is always exciting for the kids.

easy christmas painted snowflake craft opening hte paper 1

Here's another one we made.

easy christmas painted snowflake craft opening the paper 2 (1)

Leave your paintings to dry and then draw a large circle on your page. I used a plate to trace around.

easy christmas painted snowflake craft drawing a circle

Cut out your circle (an adult job unless you're doing this with older children too).

easy christmas painted snowflake craft as a circle (1)

Fold the paper into quarters.

easy christmas painted snowflake craft folded

Have an adult cut out parts of the snowflake like below (be careful not to cut all the way across).

easy christmas painted snowflake craft cut out

Let your child open up the snowflake to reveal the pattern and then add some ribbon and hang them up.

easy christmas painted snowflake craft cut out final logo

I hope your toddler loves this their painted snowflakes as much as mine did!

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