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Cardboard Shapes - Easy Toddler Craft Activity

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I love this cardboard shape toddler craft - an easy and inexpensive toddler activity to do at home. A few cardboard shapes provide a simple building and sorting activity for toddlers. This open-ended activity is easy to setup with recycled cardboard to promote hands-on creative play.

Recycled cardboard math activity with simple shapes for toddler play

Cardboard Shapes - Easy Toddler Craft Activity 

Recycling cardboard for a toddler activity has never been easier. Simply cut basic shapes from pieces of cardboard, and place them on a table or in a tray. Kids can color the shapes, decorate them with self-adhesive stickers, or just leave them plain.

Cardboard shapes have versatility, with options for building and sorting. They also have durability when cut from strong cardboard.

You toddler will benefit from fine motor and sensory experiences as they explore basic math concepts. Counting and sorting are part of the creative fun.

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What you need to make the cardboard shape toddler activity 

Cardboard shapes for toddler activity

Shapes can be outlined with a ruler and cut with a craft knife or scissors. Make basic shapes at first – square, triangle, rectangle, circle.

Incorporate different textures such as corrugated cardboard, and different colors of cardboard if available.

Color cardboard shapes with crayons or markers

Your child can color the shapes with crayons or markers, or paint the shapes if preferred. You could even provide some self-adhesive stickers to decorate the shapes.

Try to keep supplies to a minimum – too much at once can overwhelm your toddler.

Sort and stack activities for toddlers using homemade cardboard shapes

This simple activity for toddlers and preschoolers provides open-ended play and learning.

Kids can sort, stack and build with shapes in fun and creative ways.

A variety of sizes and color of shapes combines sensory and fine motor play with the creative play.

Make a house or car with cardboard shapes

Place the shapes on a table or tray so your child can freely explore the materials.

Engage your child in conversation, while guiding the activity with your own participation.

  • How many wheels do you have on the bus?
  • Let’s build a house with some of the shapes.
  • Can you stack the squares and rectangles?

This is a mess-free and hands-on activity that needs little in the way of instruction.

Toddler activities should be simple and open-ended. Cardboard shapes provide both. Younger kids can immediately engage with the materials, practise math skills, and engage in creative play.

If you have a go at this toddler activity we would love to see a photo! Share it in our Facebook group or over on Instagram - follow @myboredtoddler and use #myboredtoddler so  we can all see! 

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