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Leaf craft and activity ideas for toddlers

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When it comes to Fall crafts and activities for toddlers, you can't go past leaf crafts!

Whether it's real leaves or making leaf crafts, this collection of leaf craft and activity ideas for toddlers will definitely keep them busy!

leaf and leaves crafts and activities for toddlers, 1 year old, 2 year old , 3 year old

Leaf Crafts and Activities for Toddlers

Leaves, leaves, leaves! Fall or Autumn is all about the changing leaves - the colors, shapes and sounds of Fall leaves make it such a great topic to explore with toddles.

While there are many ways to explore the Fall leaves a few simple ones include:

  • taking a nature walk
  • discussing the changing colors of the leaves
  • listening to and discussing the sounds the leaves make when you step on them
  • talking about the different shapes of the leaves
  • exploring why the seasons change and what 'Fall' means

I absolutely LOVE this book if you are doing a leaf activity - it goes so perfectly! You can get a copy HERE on Amazon

we're going on a leaf hunt

Leaf Crafts and Activities for Toddlers

Raking Leaves in the Sandbox

A fun and relaxing sensory bin play idea - use real or artificial leaves.

Autumn leaves in the sandbox

Make a Leaf Family

Use real leaves and add googly eyes to make leaf people.

Leaf Playdough Mats - Free Printable

Get out the Fall colored playdough and make some colorful leaves! Get your free printable Fall leaves playdough mats HERE.


Free Autumn/Fall Leaves Color, Trace & Count

Trace the numbers, color the leaves and draw the leaves on the tree. A fun toddler leaf activity that focuses on the numbers 0-10. Get your free printable Leaf sheet HERE.

Free Printable Toddler Preschool Fall Leaves Number Tracing and coloring sheets

Our amazing Facebook Group members have shared some of their toddler leaf activities too.

Foam Leaf Sticker Tree

Patricia shared this fun activity with us. Draw a large tree on some craft paper and then use foam leaf stickers to decorate.

fall leaf craft for toddlers aged 2 years and 3 years
Shared by Patrice

Leaf Prints Using Sponge Painting

Brianna shared this toddler leaf craft with us. Collect some real leaves (the softer ones work best). Use double sided tape to stick them onto a canvas or paper.

Use sponges to paint over the canvas and then carefully remove the leaves once the painting is dry. Sea sponges work really well for this type of painting - you can get them on Amazon HERE.

This would make a great gift for grandparents!

fall leaf sponge painting activity for toddlers preschoolers
Shared by Brianna

Color Sorting Leaves Using Paint Chips

This is a great nature play activity using leaves. Once you have collected different colored leaves try to match them up to the colors on the paint cards.

You can get these samples from most paint stores. Thanks to Hiba for sharing this idea with us.

color sorting with leaves toddler activity idea
Shared by Hiba

Add Leaves to a Sensory Bin

Sensory bins don't need to be complicated. Make a leaf exploration sensory bin by adding some leaves, sticks and seeds.

I would add a magnifying glass as well (you can get toddler friendly ones HERE).

leaves sensory bin for toddlers
Shared by Abi

Make a Leaf Suncatcher

Cut out a cardboard circle and add some sticky back paper to it. Let your todlder stick on their leaves and then you have a lovely leaf suncatcher! Thanks to Amada for sharing this leaf craft idea with us.

Leaf suncatcher
Shared by Amanda

Lou shared her version of a leaf suncatcher - she had her toddler punch holes in the leaves (a GREAT fine motor activity by the way!) It can be easier with the single hole punches.

She created a frame using craft sticks and sticky back paper.

Make Leaf Paintbrushes

This is such a fun leaf activity idea! Collect your leaves and then tie them to sticks to make paintbrushes. Each brush makes a different pattern and it's a fun toddler painting idea.

Make leaf paint brushes
Shared by Sara

Make a Leaf Lion

Use a paper plate and real or artificial leaves to make this fun lion craft. Thanks to Sandy for this picture.

Leaf lion craft
Shared by Sandy

Sweeping Leaves

Emily shared this fun sweeping leaves activity idea. Use painter's tape to create a space and then a toddler size broom (you can get one's like this HERE on Amazon).

Emily used craft leaves for this activity.

sweeping leaves fall toddler activities
Shared by Emily

Make a Leaf Maze

I'm not going to pretend that this is an easy activity to set up but I had to include this leaf maze that our Facebook group member Sabrina made - how much fun does this look!!!

leaf crafts for toddlers leaf activiites for toddlers
Shared by Sabrina

Make a Leaf Collage

Samantha shared this leaf craft idea with us - use real leaves to stick onto a tree trunk.

fall tree craft for toddlers = a fun activity for 1,2,3 year olds
Shared by Samantha

Elise had her toddler paint the leaves first and then used bark and twigs to create the branches. What a lovley leaf craft idea!

leaf painting and collage craft
Shared by Elise
leaf painting and collage craft
Shared by Elise

Leaf Sorting by Colors

Stephanie shared this simple leaf sorting activity with us. Use paper bags with a color on the front of each one and then sort the leaves into the right colors.

Make a Leaf Rainbow

If you have a lot of colorful leaves you could make a leaf rainbow like this one that Liss shared with us.

Make a leaf rainbow
Shared by Liss

Make Playdough Leaves

Playdough and leaf cookie cutters (you can get sets HERE on Amazon) are all you need for this fun activity idea. Thanks to Laura for this photo.

fall leaves out of playdough - simple fall themed toddler activity
Shared by Laura

Bubble Wrap Leaf Painting Craft

Use bubble wrap (wrap it around their hand) and then dip it in paint to create a great effect on your cut out leaves. You can cut out your own or use precut leaves like these ones.

More Leaf Crafts and Activities

leaf crafts and activities for toddlers image 1

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fall leaf crafts and activities for toddlers

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Leaves activities for 2 and 3 year olds toddlers crafts fun

Tissue Paper Tree - Fantastic Fun and Learning

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Finger Painting Fall Tree - My Bored Toddler

Fall Color Hunt - KC Edventures

I would love to see some photos of your leaf activities and crafts - share them in our Facebook group or tag us on Instagram (@myboredtoddler) and use #MyBoredToddler so we can all see your pics.

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