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Autumn Tree Painting

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Autumn Tree Painting

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It's almost Autumn/Fall for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere so today we have started making some Autumn toddler crafts, starting with this Autumn/Fall toddler painting. For this activity, an adult will need to paint the trunk of the tree (unless you have a very talented toddler) but the rest of this can be painted by your toddler (with help). For this painting we decided to use cotton wool and pegs to get the textured leaf effect, and used red, yellow, green, and orange paint. I let my daughter put the colors wherever she wanted and just guided her to paint around the branches. Your toddler will love this Autumn Tree Painting!

I have to admit that I was really impressed with how this painting turned out. It is currently hanging on our lounge room wall and has already had many visitors' comments.

What you need: 

  • Large piece of paper. I used some from the large butcher's paper roll we have at home.
  • Poster Paint - yellow, red, brown, orange, green
  • Cotton Wool balls  (one for each color)
  • 4 pegs
  • Paint tray (I like to use plastic plates)

What to do:

  1. Paint a large trunk and branches onto a large piece of paper (an adult should do this part)
    Autumn Tree Painting
  2. On a paint tray or plate place red, yellow, orange and green paint
  3. Attach a cotton wool ball to each peg.
    autumn tree toddler craft
  4. Dip the cotton wool ball into the paint and places dots of paint around the branches (adult guidance may be needed for this part) and at the bottom of the tree
  5. Add more colors and repeat
    Autumn Tree Painting

These would look fantastic painted onto a canvas.

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Ali Gilbert

Thursday 3rd of September 2015

I love fall crafts! Super cute. Can't wait to do this one with Maggie :)

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Sunday 23rd of August 2015

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