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Halloween Sensory Bin with Yarn and Pompoms

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A simple sensory bin for toddlers is fun to make with yarn and pompoms. The Halloween-inspired colors promote interesting hands-on activities that include early math and fine motor skills.

Halloween Theme Sensory Bin with Yarn and Pompoms

This simple sensory bin activity is colorful and practically mess-free. If a few pompoms scatter on the floor, kids won’t mind helping with the cleanup! We have been loving our Halloween sensory bins and couldn't wait to try this one out too. 

Pompoms and yarn are soft materials that kids love to squeeze. This is a perfect way for toddlers to strengthen those hand and finger muscles that are so important for later writing skills. We made this sensory bin after yarn became a hit after out  yarn pumpkin craft. 

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How to set up a yarn Halloween sensory bin

Yarn and pompoms in the sensory bin for a toddler Halloween fine motor activity

The bin used for this activity is a medium-sized plastic container - one with a lid like this is perfect as you can use it over and over again. You could substitute a tray with sides or even a basket.

Add black yarn and orange pompoms (pumpkins!) to the sensory bin. Cut the yarn in small pieces or simply add it all in one long strand. If you are a knitter, leaving the yarn uncut will allow you to reuse it later.

While this sensory bin has a Halloween theme, you can use yarn and pompom colors you have on hand to provide an evergreen activity, one without a specific theme, any time of year.

Use tongs in the sensory bin to pick up pompoms

Encourage your toddler to explore the materials hands-on. You can also add a few utensils or tools such as spatulas, whisks, or sandbox tools to the sensory bin.

Guide your toddler with hands-on play.

  • Pick up handfuls of the materials in the bin and squeeze. Use gentle squeezes and tight squeezes.
  • Use tongs (we love THESE toddler friendly ones)  or a spoon to pick up yarn or pompoms.
  • Toss a handful of pompoms into in the bin.

Toddler sensory bin Halloween activity

Expand the play with simple games according to your toddler’s interest and skill level. Name the colors to build language skills. Find and count pompom pumpkins to practice math skills. Bury pompoms under the yarn for fine motor work.

Toss a few pompoms in the air, just for fun!

Make this activity a part of your Halloween fun. It’s simple to set up and will provide sensory and early learning experiences for toddlers.

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Yarn and pompoms Halloween theme sensory bin for toddlers

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