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Easy Yarn Pumpkin Craft for Toddlers

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This easy yarn pumpkin craft for toddlers is a fun way to explore the fall season, and to get ready for Halloween too.  The bright orange yarn and colorful crayons used in this activity provide sensory and fine motor fun for kids.

Yarn pumpkin toddler craft

Easy Yarn Pumpkin Craft 

The fall season is all about harvesting fruits and vegetables including big, round, orange pumpkins. A pumpkin craft like this one helps to explore the colors and shapes that make up the harvest.

Along with arts and crafts, include a visit to a local farm or market if possible. Real life, hands-on experiences reinforce everyday learning and the growth of developmental skills.

What you need to make your yarn pumpkin

Supplies for a yarn pumpkin craft

Instructions for a pumpkin craft with yarn

Spread glue onto the pumpkin picture with a glue stick

  1. Draw a pumpkin with markers on cardstock.
  2. Spread glue onto the pumpkin with a glue stick.

Sprinkle yarn pieces over pumpkin cut out with tongs

  1. Cut yarn into small pieces.
  2. Sprinkle the yarn over the pumpkin.
  3. Color the stem with a brown crayon.

Kids can use tongs or their fingers to transfer the yarn pieces to the pumpkin. Show your child how to press down on the yarn to secure it to the glue. This might cause a few strands of yarn to stick to fingers!

Lift the pumpkin picture and shake gently to remove yarn that isn’t stuck to the glue. This will reveal patches where glue and more yarn can be applied.

Yarn pumpkin craft for toddlers

Pumpkin crafts are filled with lots of sensory experiences for toddlers.

Encourage your toddler to squeeze a ball or yarn or a handful of yarn pieces, and maybe toss them around!

You can use other options for this project including gluing brown yarn for the stem, and coloring the pumpkin before adding the yarn. Adjust the activity according to kids ages, interests and skill levels.

Fall pumpkin toddler craft with orange yarn

This activity supports early learning while kids have fun making pumpkins.

  • The textures and colors of this simple craft provide awesome sensory experiences for toddlers.
  • Working with the glue stick and small pieces of yarn engages the fine motor skills.
  • Talking about the fall season and how pumpkins grow promotes language skills and early learning.

 Name colors as you play alongside your toddler.

You made a big orange pumpkin.
Will your pumpkin have a brown stem?

Provide this fun pumpkin activity to highlight a fall theme with your toddler.

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Yarn pumpkin craft for fall season with toddlers

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