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FREE trials to try when stuck indoors with a toddler

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Stuck indoors with a toddler? I know that many of us are trying to homeschool their toddler's (or keep them busy while they homeschool their older children) so I thought I would share some of the best FREE trials I could find. 

toddler free trial offers to try if your's stuck indoors

Toddler FREE TRIALS to try while you're stuck indoors. 

There are a lot of great educational apps and programs out there and they can get costly if you buy them all. Fortunately, almost all of them offer a free trial so you can check them out.

I've been testing these out and am sharing my favorites below. Since we're all stuck indoors for probably at least 30 days now is the perfect time to give these a go. I'd love to know which ones you love - share them with us in our Facebook Group. 

ReadingIQ - online library of children's books 


I've been testing this one and it's really impressive. As a teacher, I have to say that this is the app that has impressed me the most. While I always prefer real books (see my favorite toddler books HERE), if you can't get to a library or are bored with the ones at home then this is a great alternative. 

Some of the reasons I love ReadingIQ 

  • add up to 3 children per account (there are different age levels too which is perfect) 
  • audio version available 
  • a great mix of classic and award-winning children's books 
  • access them from your desktop, tablet, or phone
  • totally ad-free! 

They have a great range of books and this is an app I would definitely consider keeping after the 30 days. Sign up for a free trial HERE. 


ABC Mouse has always been a great app that I have used with both of my children - we are definitely using it much more at the moment! It is easy to use, has an app or can be used online and is very educational.  Another great feature is that you can use it with older siblings too. Get your 30 day FREE trial HERE. 

Amazon Kids + (formerly Amazon Kids Freetime)

If you have a tablet then Amazon Kids+  gives you unlimited access to a huge range of children's apps and ebooks. You can access their 30 day FREE trial HERE. 


audible free trial

While I do find audible to be a bit expensive, they do have a one month free trial where you can download an audio book of your choosing (some of my favorite toddler audio books are HERE). It's also great for your own sanity so maybe download one for you too.

One thing I've loved lately about Audible is that they have added lots of children's books for free as long as you are a member - good ones too! 


Amazon Music 

If there's ever a time to get access to the Frozen 2 soundtrack or your favorite Wiggles songs then this is it! Amazon music has a huge range of children's songs and playlists and they have a 30 day FREE TRIAL which you can access HERE. 

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Are you looking to stock up on toddler items while you're stuck indoors? Here are 10 must have items! 

toddler items to buy now if you're stuck indoors facbook


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