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Color Sorting with Pompoms

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Counting and sorting are fun and easy for toddlers and preschoolers in this simple math activity - it's a great color activity for toddlers.

It’s a fun game you can play over and over with different ages. Set up this matching activity to support early learning skills with hands-on fun and learning.

Color Sorting with Pompoms

Color Sorting with Pompoms

Counting and sorting are included naturally in kids’ everyday play.  As they build with blocks they might choose four green blocks for the castle and five red blocks to make the bridge.

We can introduce fun activities like color sorting with pompoms to support and extend kids’ early learning.

This sorting activity has the right elements for creative play with toddlers and preschoolers. It promotes hands-on interaction with materials and allows flexibility for each child to proceed at his or her own pace.

Kids will love filling the shapes with colorful pompoms.

Color Sorting with Pompoms


If you don’t have a heavier grade of paper like cardstock, you can use a flat piece of cardboard from a cereal box or packing box for this activity.

Use corresponding colors for pompoms and construction paper.


1. Cut basic shapes from construction paper. Glue the shapes to the cardstock to make a game board. Your toddler can help you do this with a glue stick.

If preferred, use just one shape on the game board at a time, such as four circles in four different colors.

If your toddler likes to color, you can outline the shapes on the paper, instead of cutting shapes from construction paper, and have your toddler color in the shapes.

2.Make a set of cards with cardstock and self-adhesive dots.  One to three dots on each card can provide a fun game for your toddler. Use more dots on each card as your child progresses with counting skills.

How to play

Introduce the set of cards. Observe the different colors and dots on the cards.

Compare the dots on the cards with the pompoms.

Invite your child to choose a card and match the number and color of pompoms to the card.

Place the pompoms in the shape on the game board with the corresponding color.

Help your toddler begin to recognize and name the colors and shapes.

Color Sorting with Pompoms

You can set up this activity beforehand, or include your toddler or preschooler in preparing the game board and cards. Adapt the activity to your child’s interest and skill level, guiding and engaging without being committed to a set of rules or intended outcomes.

  • Sort with dot cards and shapes together, or provide just one activity at a time.
  • Separate the pompoms by color beforehand, or choose the one you want from a pile of pompom colors mixed together.

Have fun with this sorting activity that helps build language and math skills, and provides sensory experiences with different textures and colors of materials.

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