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Winter Theme Water Play for Toddlers

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It’s easy to add a winter theme to water play with just a few simple materials. Your toddler will love exploring color and texture with this fun color scheme activity in the water bin. 

Winter Theme Water Play for Toddlers

Winter Theme Water Play for Toddlers

Toddlers learn to recognize and name colors in nature as they coincide with the seasons. Colors such as yellow and red are displayed in fall leaves.

The color white shows up in snowflakes and snowmen and snowballs, making it perfect for a winter theme. 

Toddlers can play and learn with winter white while splashing, sorting and pouring in a water bin. This is a great activity for promoting toddler learning skills such as language (naming color and objects), and cognitive (experimenting and discovering with hands-on play). 

How to set up your water play:

Spread a plastic sheet or other covering to protect the floor or table if playing inside. One option is to put white towels or a white sheet under the bin to create a ‘snow’ scene for added pretend play. 

When weather permits, water play can be enjoyed outside so messes are not a concern. 

Winter Theme Water Play for Toddlers

Add a variety of white toys and other white objects to the water bin. Here are a few suggestions: 

Introduce materials that will encourage creative play. A foam plate becomes a boat. Three jar lids resemble a snowman! 

Winter Theme Water Play for Toddlers

Suggestions for water play:

Kids will often play by example, so be prepared to guide the play if necessary.  

Otherwise, allow the activity to be child-led, giving your child time to explore the materials. 

Sometimes it helps to join the activity with your toddler and get your hands wet!  

Here are a few ways to play:

Fill containers and pour the water over the jar lid snowman. 

Stack objects on a foam plate to see if they will sink. 

Winter Theme Water Play for Toddlers

Stir the snowballs around in the water with a spatula or scoop them up with a toy shovel. 

Toss snowballs into the water. 

Line up the jar lids to make a snowman. 

Engage your toddler in conversation as you play. 

  • How many snowballs do you have?
  • Do you think the boat will sink?
  • Let's pour water through the white funnel.

Recognizing colors in the water table is a fun way for toddlers to practice early learning skills. 

Water play with a winter white color scheme is fun any day of the year! 

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Winter Sensory Bin for Toddlers

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