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Winter Tree Foil Painting

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This foil painting craft is a fun Winter Toddler Craft idea.

Exploring the change of seasons can be fun with this easy winter tree foil painting activity.

This activity is super simple, has a short resource list, and is effective. Help your toddler understand the transition of the seasons with this fun painting activity.

Winter Tree Foil Painting Activity

Winter Tree Foil Painting

Gone are the colourful garden beds of Spring and long hot days of Summer.

Yesterday’s fallen Autumn leaves line the streets, and now sometimes it is just too cold and wet to go out to play.

Winter is here, and it has bought with it shorter days, sparkles of fresh rain on the leaves of bushes, and gloomy shades of grey in the sky.

Celebrate this natural change of the seasons with your toddler by creating a whimsical winter tree.

We love to mix our crafts with a matching book and this Winter themed book called 'The Hungry Caterpillar's First Winter' is a great one. You can get a copy HERE on Amazon.

The foil is the perfect tool to adorn the tree.

It is cool to touch - just like winter!

Gripping the scrunched foil and carefully pressing it into place is perfect for developing hand strength and hand-eye coordination skills.

Winter Tree Foil Painting Activity

What you need to make a winter tree foil painting:

We chose to use a blue background as blue is symbolic of coolness.

Ensure your twigs are very fine so they are easily stuck to the page. If you use heavier twigs rather than a glue stick, you will have more success with PVA glue.

This does take longer to dry. If using PVA glue, it is best to wait for the glue to dry before painting so as not to move the twigs.

Collecting the sticks during a nature walk and inspecting the bare winter trees could be a fun extension of this activity.

We used a paintbrush to paint the ground underneath the tree to contrast the different effects and the use of the resources.

How to create a winter tree foil painting:

This process art painting activity has two main elements.

The first step is to create the tree using the twigs and branches. The second is to add the snow or frost to the tree using foil.

The create the tree, slide a generous slick of glue from your glue stick onto the paper.

Start with the larger of the twigs to be the trunk of the tree, and then add the smaller ones to replicate the branches.

For older children, to extend the activity, draw their attention to the forms of the twigs, showing where the branches would naturally grow from.

You could also note that the branches would most likely grow up towards the sun.

Leave your twig tree to dry.

To prepare the foil for painting, gently scrunch the foil. Many kids love using foil. The foil is shiny, and has an interesting feel and sound when it’s being used.

Dab the foil into the white paint before gently pressing the paint onto the page around the tree to create frost or snow on your winter tree.

Use the paintbrush to paint the frosty ground. Experiment with different brush strokes to create different textures on the ground.

Our winter tree foil painting only uses a few basic resources but creates a very interesting piece of art full of texture. Not bad for some foil and a bit of white paint! What other materials do you have around the house that your toddler could use?

Winter Tree Foil Painting Activity

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