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Winter Crafts and Activities for Toddlers

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This fun collection of winter activities for toddlers will keep your toddler busy during those cold winter days.

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Winter Toddler Activities

Are you looking for Winter activities for toddlers? There are so many great winter activities to choose from and 'we've found some of the best winter crafts for you.

Our lovely Facebook group members have shared some of their favorite winter toddler activities for toddlers and they were too good not to share!

Winter Paper Plate Wreath Craft

Amanda shared this fun winter toddler craft with us.

Use a paper plate (cut out the middle) and add any white stickers and items you may have. You can see that she has used white sticky bows, sticky beads, white pom poms and white snowflake foam stickers.

winter toddler craft idea paper plate wreath

Mess Free Winter Painting Craft

Another fun Winter toddler activity shared by Amanda is this mess free canvas painting.

Simply place a small canvas (you can get packs cheap from Amazon HERE) in a large Ziplok bag with some winter colored paints and glitter.

mess free winter themed painting for toddler activity

Sticky Back Snowman - Easy Winter Toddler Craft

Christine shared this fun toddler winter craft idea. She used sticky back paper to make a snowman and then her toddler stuck the cotton balls onto it.

sticky back paper snowman winter craft for toddlers

Snowman Winter Craft Activity

Jaysicca shared this fun snowman toddler craft idea - she drew snowmen and then had her toddlers stick on items to 'make' the snowman.

For this activity you could use glue or sticky back paper.

snowman winter toddler activity idea

Isn't the finished result fun! This would be a fun winter craft for a toddler playgroup or playdate too.

snowman winter toddler activity idea

Painting Snow

Sarah set up this fun snow painting activity. She used real snow (you can find more fun real snow activity ideas HERE) and used water mixed with food coloring for the paint.

Using a spray bottle is a lot of fun and this activity would also work well with dabbers like these.

painting snow winter toddler activity ideas

Foam brushes work well too (you can get a good toddler sized set here).

snow painting toddler activity for winter

Real Snow Winter Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Lisa made a simple winter sensory bin using real snow. If you don't have real snow, artificial snow works well too.

real snow winter sensory bin for toddlers

Ice Sensory Bin

Lisa also shared her ice sensory bin too!

winter toddler activity - ice sensory bin

Hot Chocolate Small World Play

Sylvia shared this fun toddler winter activity idea with us - a hot chocolate small world play.

She used cocoa pops as the base and added some marshmallows (supervision required with these) and pretzels. If you ask nicely at coffee shops they'll often give you a few empty cups to use too.

hot chocolate small world play - fun winter toddler activity idea

Snowman Sensory Tray

Rachel was very creative making this inviting snowman themed sensory play tray - I'm very impressed how it looks!

snowman sensory bin for toddlers
winter crafts and activities for toddlers 1

Waddling Handprint Penguin from Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

Tape Resist Snowflake - Mommy's Bundle

Footprint Robin - Messy Little Monster

Winter Tree Sun Catcher - Buggy and Buddy

winter crafts and activities for toddlers 2

Easy Icicle Painting- Mommy's Bundle

Snowman Craft - Gift of Curiosity

Penguin Story  Stones - Adventures of Adam

Snowflake Crown - Me Plus 3 Today

toddler winter activities and crafts 3

Winter Snowflake Painting from Little Bins for Little Hands

Painting Ice from Pocket of Preschool

Winter Wonderland Small World Play from Clare's Little Tots

Winter Snow Dough from Gift of Curiosity

winter crafts and activities for toddlers 4

Jumbled Snowman from Playground Parkbench

Marshmallow Names from Fun-A-Day

Snow Play Dough from PreK-Pages

Water Color Doily Snowflakes from Crafty Morning 

winter crafts and activities for toddlers

Sticky Paper Snowman Craft from Gift of Curiosity

Easy Snowman Craft - Teaching 2 and 3 year olds

Snowy Paper Collage - A little Pinch of Perfect

Spinning Snowmen - Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

toddler winter crafts, ideas and activities 7

Puffy Snowmen - Encouraging Moms at Home

Puffy Paint Paper Plate Snowman - Artys Momma

Snowman Ornament Keepsakes - Learning and Exploring Through Play

Open ended Snowflakes - Gift of Curiosity

Toddler Winter Crafts

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