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Toddler Water Play with Ladles

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Water play is an easy summer toddler activity idea. Simply add kitchen utensils to a plastic tub for hands-on fine motor and sensory play.

Toddler Water Play with Ladles

Easy  Toddler Water Play with Ladles 

Water play is one of the simplest and most entertaining activities you can provide for kids. Household items in a tub of water become interesting toys that float, sink, pour, and splash.

Water play can be soothing on a busy day, and it boosts learning as kids explore and play with toys and everyday items in new ways.

Toddler Water Play with Ladles

What you need to set up your ladle water play 

Use a variety of ladles and spoons, in different sizes and colors. Add kid-sized items if available but include regular-sized items as well, as they are probably most used when kids are helping with real-life experiences in the kitchen day to day.

Add one or two slotted spoons to the play to make things interesting! They’ll boost observation and discovery.

Toddler Water Play with Ladles

Add pompoms, stones, or other items to the water bin. Do they sink or float?

Add bowls or other containers in different colors and sizes to support math play. The process of filling and emptying a container over and over is an important part of water play. It engages observational and fine motor skills as kids play.

Expect some water to find its way outside the bin and prepare in advance. Spread a towel or plastic drop cloth under the water bin to protect surfaces.

Toddler Water Play with Ladles

Water play ideas:

Let the child-led play unfold as your toddler explores the materials without instructions. You can always guide the play with words and actions as you join the play.

Let’s count the scoops of water as you fill the bowl.

How many blue pompoms are in your ladle?

With different sizes of ladles, you can experiment with how many pompoms you can lift in one scoop.

Water play is an ideal child-led activity. Kids benefit from sensory experiences along with math and fine motor play as they explore and engage with tools in the water bin.

Toddler Water Play with Ladles

Introduce water activities for calming and encourage splashing and swishing, especially during outdoor play.

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