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Sorting Spoons

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This sorting spoons activity developed organically while I was preparing dinner the other night. Since then, this little collection of spoons has been the centre of so much play! The kids had been so engaged in their play that I simply left the spoons on their play table for easy access for when they would like to revisit the play. These spoons have received so much game time with all the toys in their play space!

Sorting Spoons

Sorting Spoons

Sorting objects is a valuable early numeracy skill. Identifying attributes and arranging them in a pattern is a skill that can be developed through play and with the most basic of resources. Our spoon sorting activity stemmed from asking Miss 5 to empty the dishwasher and Mr 18m intercepting the cutlery. Before too long, Miss 5 was playing on the floor with her brother, sorting the spoons by length. Since then these spoons have been used to create mandala patterns, sorted from shortest to longest, widest to thinnest, and then stacked inside one another.

What you need for a sorting spoons activity:

  • Spoons

How is that for a list of resources!? Really you can just use what you have on hand. Slotted spoons, wooden spoons, and salad spoons would all work well too.

We used a:

This was a great opportunity to practice identifying each of the different spoons too. That is distinguishing a teaspoon from a dessert spoon, and so on.

Sorting Spoons

How to set up a sorting spoons activity:

Well initially, to set this activity up I simply asked my daughter to empty the dishwasher. From there, all I did was leave the spoons in a container in our play space. These spoons have been revitalized too many times over the last few days!

Not only does this sorting activity open opportunities to discuss length and width, but also positional language. This includes:

  • Front
  • Behind 
  • Left
  • Right
  • Above
  • Underneath
  • Inside

This play idea is the perfect example of a successful play idea that offers meaningful learning opportunities with no fancy resources required. Sorting spoons is a great introduction to early number concepts. Playing with spoons as loose parts also encourages creative thinking and inspire imaginative play. What experience do you think a collection of different size spoons will present for your toddler?

Sorting Spoons

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