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Pop It Pom Pom Sorting

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Pop its are the latest fidget tool that has worked its way into many households. While they are a great fine motor tool on their own, we added another element to add to the fun. Using the pop it as a frame, we did some pop it pom pom sorting. 


Pop It Pom Pom Sorting

Pop It Pom Pom Sorting

The bright and colourful fidget toy teamed up with some fuzzy pom-poms was a huge hit! With Miss 3 in mind for this colouring sorting, fine motor activity, I was surprised when Miss 7 was the one that really got stuck into it. Both the girls loved lining the corresponding coloured pom poms into the wells of their beloved toy.

Pop It Pom Pom Sorting

What you need for Pop It Pom Pom Sorting: 

I think it goes without saying however when setting up the activity, just double check that your pom-poms match the colours on your pop it. We were missing the teal and didn't the girls let me know - first world problems!

Pop It Pom Pom Sorting

How to set up your Pop It Pom Pom Sorting: 

Just like the humble pop it itself, the simplicity of this activity may have you questioning whether it will be engaging for your toddler or perhaps not.

The brief is simple.

Match the coloured pom pom and position them into the corresponding pop it well. Colour matching made super easy!

At our place, busy fingers were navigating the brightly coloured pom-poms in lines within the frame of the pop it. Some pom-poms were too big to sit neatly and had to be swapped out for smaller ones to ensure they would all fit in the frame.

Once the colours of the pop it were complete, we had some extra colour pom poms remaining in the bowl. Miss 3 decided to continue the pattern outside the pop it.

This exercise opened up conversations about different sizes, prepositions, and different shades of colours. There were so many learning opportunities with two simple resources!

The success of this seemingly basic activity just goes to show that even with the most basic resources, kids can get involved in meaningful play and enjoy themselves. When it was her turn, Miss 7 made comment on how satisfying it was to have all the wells of the pop it filled and the pom poms in line. Pop it pom pom sorting really was a hit! 

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