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Snowy Winter Trees Painting Activity for Toddlers

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You will love this snowy Winter trees toddler painting activity. A winter themed painting activity is so much fun for kids.  Your toddler will love painting the trees white with a marble, and you’ll love the fine motor and creative skills being used in this simple activity!

Winter theme painting for toddlers with marble and white paint

Snowy Winter Trees Painting Activity

Painting activities are perfect opportunities for your toddler to explore and learn.  This activity is easy to set up but you can reduce mess - and stress – with a little preparation.

Cover the work area with drop cloths and wiping-up cloths. Protect clothing on your budding artist – and you! - with a paint shirt or apron. A pack like this is perfect for painting. 

melissa and doug drop cloth and paint smock

Supplies for painting Winter trees

Cut out tree shape from sheet of craft foam

Draw half of a tree outline on the folded edge of a piece of cardstock. Cut out the shape.

Open the fold and place the pattern on a piece of green craft foam. Trace around the pattern and cut out the tree.

Instructions for painting winter trees

Place tree cutout in plastic bin with white paint and a marble for toddler painting activity

Secure the tree to the bottom of a shallow plastic container with a piece of rolled tape.

Drop a bit of white paint into the container next to the tree. Place a marble in the container.

Marble painting with toddlers in a winter theme activity

Tip the container from side to side so the marble rolls around through the paint and over the tree shape. Your toddler might need a little help with this at first.

If preferred, kids can roll the marble around with finger tips. This is great for engaging those small muscles, helping to develop fine motor skills.

Your toddler will love watching the marble spread snowy white paint onto the tree!

Make observations with your toddler as you play together to support language and cognitive skills.

Name the colors of the tree and snow; talk about activities you like to do in winter.

Christmas tree with egg cup stand

Cut a small slit across the top of an egg cup and insert the painted tree into the ‘tree trunk’. Glue cotton to the tree trunk for winter snow.

Toddler winter activity painting tree cutouts with a marble in white paint

This simple painting activity is a great way to learn about the winter season with your toddler. Build fine motor motor and language skills as you explore winter trees.

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