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Snow Painting - Toddler Winter Activity

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Have you tried painting the snow yet? It's such a fun Winter activity for toddlers if you are lucky enough to get real snow.

snow painting activity for toddlers winter indoor or outdoor activity pinterest

If you live somewhere where Winter means snow then use it to your advantage! We love using real snow for play, and painting snow is such a fun toddler activity idea.

What paint do you use to paint snow?

The easiest way to make paint for snow is to mix food coloring and water. Honestly it really is that easy!

How to use your snow paint?

As you can see from the photos below there are quite a few different ways that you can use your snow paint. This means that you can have a different 'snow painting' activity over a few days.

The most popular items to use for snow painting are:

Painting the Snow Outdoors

I do love getting toddlers outside in all weather so why not take them outside for a while and paint on the snow outside.

Our lovely Facebook group members shared some of their outdoor snow painting activities with their toddlers.

Stephanie made pictures in the snow.

painting snow toddler winter activity

Jackie used her sensory bin to make an outside snow painting sensory bin - what a fun Winter activity!

painting in the snow for toddlers at winter

Christina used snow paint on their snowman! What a fun idea!

snow painting with a snowman

Indoor Snow Painting Activities

While painting the snow outside is lots of fun, it does get cold very quickly so why not bring the snow inside and turn this into a fun indoor toddler activity instead.

Kelsey used foam brushes to set up her snow painting activity.

snow painting with foam brushes

Alyssa brought the snow inside and put it in her sensory bin, setting up paint cups and brushes. She also put some towels underneath to help with any mess.

painting snow in the sensory bin fun winter toddler activity.

Cassie used a plastic container to keep her snow contained and then used paintbrushes to paint the snow.

painting in the snow with paint droppers

I LOVE how Malin set up her snow painting activity. She used colored golf tees and had her toddler match the paint to the tee. What a great way to learn colors!

There are also a variety of different ways to paint - using a pastry brush, some measuring cups and the dropper from my favorite fine motor set (you can get it HERE on Amazon).

snow painting for toddlers winter activity idea
painting the snow toddler winter activity

Trish used the squeeze bottles and a plastic container for her snow painting activity.

painting the snow with squeeze bottles

Sarah shared her idea of snow painting using foam brushes. She set hers up in a tub.

snow painting toddler activity for winter

I hope this has given you some fun ideas for how to paint the snow with your toddler or preschooler.

If you are lucky enough to have snow where you are you might also like to see more fun real snow activity ideas.

real snow activities for toddlers

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