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Real Snow Activities for Toddlers

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Are you lucky enough to get real snow where you live? Are you wanting to use real snow in a toddler activity? We have some great ideas below for you. 

real snow activities for toddlers to play with pinterest

Real Snow Activities for Toddlers 

Are you luck enough to have some snow (or mabye even too much). These great real snow activities for toddlers will keep them entertained outdoors and indoors and are pretty simple to set up too. 

For those of you without snow, you can always play around with insta fake snow or try this recipe for how to make fake snow. 

Toddler Activities Using Real Snow 

I live in a hot climate where we never get snow so these snow activity ideas are all shared from our Facebook Group members living in much colder locations! There are so many great ideas for playing in the snow. If you are someone who has older children at home you could also try these ideas to homeschool in the snow. 

Painting Snow

Malin shared this great idea! 

She grabbed a big storage bin, put snow and some golf pegs in it. Just regular food coloring and water in the mugs 
This activity turned to all sorts of play:
  • Pour a color on a matching peg
  • Paint the snow
  • Drip color on the snow
  • Make snowballs to throw in the shower
  • Slush scooping
  • Bath in the big bin

I love she used one of my favorite fine motor/sensory toys from too - you can get the dropper HERE on Amazon. 

snow painting

Snow Painting with Squirty Bottles 

Jackie shared this fun idea using squirty bottles (you can get them HERE). You can follow Jackie via @mamaandc on Instagram for more ideas. 

snow painting for toddlers with real snow

Kim took this activity to the next level and painted their snowman! 

snow man painting activity

Christina also painted their snowman 

snowman painting activity

More ways to paint snow

It turns out snow painting is popular! Jenny set up hers using a muffin tin to keep the paint (food coloring and water) 

snow painting real snow and food coloring

Snow Painting with Foam Brushes

I really love the brushes that Kelsey has used (you can get them here) and she's kept it simple with snow in a container. 

snow painting foam brushes toddler

Snow Play in the Paddle Pool (indoors)

Sarah brought the snow indoors with this genius idea to use a paddling pool to keep it in! 

real snow sensory play inside

Simple Snow Sensory Bin 

Michelle scooped up some snow from outside, added a few toys and you've got a great toddler activity idea! 

real snow sensory bin for toddlers

Samantha added some toys to her snow sensory bin 

snow sensory bin in a tub with toys

Andrea added some kitchen items to her snow sensory bin. 

 snow sensory bin for toddlers indoors

Colored Snow Sensory Bin 

Madison added food coloring to her snow - doesn't it look great! 

colored snow sensory bin for toddlers Snow in the Toy Kitchen

I love pretend play but would never have thought to add snow to the toy kitchen like Taylor did - great idea! 

snow in the toy kitchen


I hope you've enjoyed these real snow activities for toddlers. If you have any fun toddler activities to do with snow we would love for you to share them with us over in our Facebook Group or on Instagram (follow @myboredtoddler and use #myboredtoddler so we can all see). 

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Friday 2nd of December 2016

[…] some of our favorites. For those of you lucky enough to have snow, there are so many great activities you can do using real snow. For everyone else, you can easily make pretend snow and pretend Winter scenes that are just […]

Adventures of Adam

Monday 1st of February 2016

Completely jealous of anyone who has snow. Saving this post in the hope that it brings us some!

Alison B

Friday 29th of January 2016

All these ideas make me want to have access to real snow!


Wednesday 27th of January 2016

This is awesome! now...i just need to sit here and wait (read as pray) for some snow! Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApproveTuesday

Science Kiddo

Tuesday 26th of January 2016

Thank you so much for sharing our snow posts! This is such a great collection of fun activities.

I noticed that neither of my pictures are showing up correctly. Would you like me to send you the originals?

Science Kiddo

Tuesday 26th of January 2016

Well now one is showing up, maybe this is just a problem on my computer for some reason. Just let me know :)