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Giant Christmas Tree Collage Craft for Toddlers

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Today's Christmas craft activity is a giant Christmas tree collage! This is always a really fun toddler activity and it's a great way to use up left over craft supplies.

christmas tree collage pinterest

Giant Christmas Tree Collage for Toddlers 

This is always such a fun toddler Christmas craft! Everyone's tree will look different and that's just the way it's supposed to be. I know that your toddlers will have heaps of fun making their giant Christmas tree collage.

This is part of our Christmas Craft Challenge (sign up here) and if you missed yesterday's activity, we made easy Painted snowflakes. 

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With every craft, I like to start the activity with a book and for this one we read The Little Blue Digger and the Christmas Tree which is available HERE on Amazon. 

The little blue digger and the christmas tree book

What you need for the Christmas tree collage

There are no set rules with this craft - use whatever items you have in your craft box. 

Christmas tree collage what you need

I like to set up my craft items on a tray but you can have them out however you like.

Christmas tree collage what you need setup

How to make your giant Christmas tree collage craft

  1. Draw a large Christmas tree. Don't worry about making it perfect - mine certainly isn't!

Christmas tree collage drawing your christmas tree

2. Start sticking your items on. For younger children, it's often easier if you put the glue onto the tree and let them do the sticking.

Christmas tree collage sticking the items on

3. Keep sticking until the tree is covered. Don't forget to add the glitter!

Christmas tree collage finished 1

The giant Christmas tree craft is always a fun toddler Christmas activity and I hope your child loves it as much as mine did.

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