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Felt Umbrellas Spring Activity

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It’s fun to explore the spring season with toddlers in a simple felt board activity. Use colorful umbrella cut outs to promote counting and sorting as you talk about the weather.

Felt Umbrellas Spring Activity

Felt Umbrellas 

Changing weather is one of the things you can count on in many areas during the spring season. You can easily see sunshine one minute and rainfall the next!

Exploring the seasons and changing weather with toddlers is fun with hands-on activities on the felt board.

This activity uses different colors of felt to make umbrellas, clouds, and a sun.

What you need to make your felt umbrellas

Use whatever supplies you have on hand. If you don’t have felt, you can do this activity with construction paper.

Draw and cut out the simple umbrella shape from cardboard. Use this as a pattern to trace onto the felt pieces to make the umbrellas.

Cut out a handle to match each umbrella. This is easy to make with the letter ‘J’.

Draw and cut out a sun and a few grey clouds from felt.

You can make the umbrellas all the same color, or use a different color for each umbrella.

Place a number on each umbrella to indicate the number of raindrops to add to each umbrella.

You can use self-adhesive numbers or print the numbers on with a permanent marker.

To begin, cover the sun with a rain cloud. Place all the raindrops in the rain clouds, ready to be added to the umbrellas.

Felt Umbrellas Spring Activity

Pick raindrops from the cloud and put them on the umbrellas so the rain “drips” off the umbrellas.

Promote some math play with simple counting activities.

  • Identify the numbers on the umbrella.
  • Count the number of umbrellas and handles.
  • Name the colors of the pieces.
  • Count the raindrops as you place them on each umbrella.
  • Rearrange the colors of the umbrellas and the handles so they no longer match.

Guide the play with conversation to promote language skills.

Which umbrella is your favorite color?

Let’s hide the rain drops under a cloud.

How many rain drops are left in the clouds?

A felt board activity with umbrella cut-outs is a perfect way to observe and learn about the weather with toddlers.

These cutouts can be other colors - pink clouds, blue raindrops. Your toddler can help choose the colors and shapes for the pieces as part of the fun and learning.

This simple math and fine motor play can easily be added to daily activities for spring and summer.

Felt Umbrellas Spring Activity

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