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Weather Puppets for Toddler Pretend Play

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Weather puppets are fun for toddlers to help make and are great for pretend play.  Make these cute characters with your toddler. 

Weather Puppets for Toddler Pretend Play

Weather Puppets for Toddler Pretend Play

Puppets promote language and imaginative play in early learnersHolding a puppet gives a toddler control over the movements as well as the voice of the character.  

These weather puppets are easy to make and promote fine motor and creative skills. Toddlers will love how the raindrops jiggle when they give the cloud a wiggle! 

Weather Puppets for Toddler Pretend Play

What you need to make your puppets

Weather Puppets for Toddler Pretend Play


Draw and cut out a circle for the sun from the yellow foam sheet. Cut long and short rectangular pieces for sun rays.   

Cut a cloud shape from the grey foam sheet. 

Cut 2 (or more) pieces of ribbon.

Weather Puppets for Toddler Pretend Play

Layout all the pieces for your child to create the sun and rain cloud. This is great for strengthening fine motor and creative skills. 

  • Place rays around the sun.
  • Place pompoms on the ribbon for raindrops. 

Use a glue gun to attach the pieces as white glue may not be strong enough to hold the pieces in place. 

  • Glue the rays to the back of the sun. 
  • Glue the pompoms to the ribbon, then glue the ribbon to the back of the rain cloud.  
  • Glue a craft stick to each puppet. Alternately you could use a wooden spoon or paint stir stick. 

Weather Puppets for Toddler Pretend Play

Add facial features with a black marker, or glue on other pieces of craft foam if preferred. 

Add craft eyes to give the puppet's character! 

Create simple stories with your toddler. Go on an adventure with changing weather being part of the story.  

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