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We are focusing on play based counting activities this month and this free counting do-a-dot printable is a great way to teach your toddler or preschooler about the numbers 1 - 10. 

counting do-a-dot free printable

Counting Do-A-Dot Free Printable

Do-a-Dots are a great way to explore numbers in a fun and play based way. We recently shared our alphabet do-a-dot printable and that was a huge hit! It's already one of our most downloaded items and members in our Facebook Group quickly asked for a number version as well.  

counting do a dot printable free worksheets 1 - 10

How to use your do-a-dot counting printable 

There are lots of different ways that you can play with these.

  • Do-a-Dot Markers (I recommend these ones, sometimes the cheaper brands stain!) Let you  toddler use the pens to dot the letters
    do a dot markers
  • Pom Poms - get some good glue (like this kind) and have your child glue on the pom poms to the dots (supervision required) 
  • Stickers - get circle stickers - great for fine motor skills! 
  • Counters -for older children they can use round counters like these to place on the dots 
  • Laminate them and use them as playdough mats. 

Don't forget that we would love to see how you use these - share a picture in our Facebook Group or over on Instagram - use #myboredtoddler and follow @myboredtoddler so we can all see! 

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