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Bouncing Frogs Sensory Activity

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You can easily provide a fun sensory activity for toddlers with these cute little toy jumping frogs. Encourage counting and sensory play along with a rhyming game in this simple toddler activity.

Bouncing Frogs Sensory Activity

Frogs are a favorite character for many kids. It's fun to imitate their croaking sounds and playful leaps and jumps.

This activity uses the popular plastic jumping frogs in a new way to create sensory play for toddlers. With a simple adaptation, the frogs can be used in a counting activity with your toddler.

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Bouncing Frogs Sensory Activity

These mini frogs can be found at a dollar store or online. 

  • If you don’t have these frogs you can always provide the activity with other small toy animals or bugs.

Cut out simple lily pad shapes from green craft foam or felt.

Number the frogs from one to four, or higher depending on the number of frogs you have, and the skill and interest level of your toddler.

Bouncing Frogs Sensory Activity

Glue a small piece of foam to the bottom of each frog with a glue gun.

Place the frogs in order on their lily pads.

Bounce each frog on its lily pad with one finger as you count the frogs. This sensory play also supports fine motor skills and counting skills.


Bouncing Frogs Sensory Activity

Create a small world scene with frogs in the pond.

  • Place a piece of blue felt or plastic on the floor or table for the pond.
  • Add small twigs and shells or other small parts to the pond along with the lily pads and frogs.
  • Bend a piece of green paper. Slip one part of the paper under the pond, and snip the outer part to become grass.

Create simple games to play with your small world setup.

  • Bounce the frogs into the pond and back onto the lily pads.
  • Count the number of bounces a frog makes on his lily pad.

Make up a simple countdown rhyme like this one to extend the play.

Four little green frogs like to play,

Bouncing on their lily pads all through the day .

Splash! One little green frog swims away. (Say the number of the frog as he jumps into the pond.)

Three little green frogs……..

Two little green frogs.......

One little green frog.......

Keep the verse simple. Accentuate the Splash! as you bounce a frog from a lily pad.

Change the words of the rhyme to accommodate any toy character you choose for the activity.

Bouncing Frogs Sensory Activity


This bouncing frogs-in-the-pond activity is a creative use of mini characters, providing interesting sensory play for toddlers. With counting and rhyming added to the play, the activity is a well-rounded option for hands-on fun and learning. 

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